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We were told repeatedly that our sales presentation could be scheduled at a preferred time during check in. I called the hotel to let them know I would be a late check-in and they let "me" know what my presentation time was for! Not a choice of times "not optional". Not to mention our 2 hour presentation was 11:45am that takes up most of our afternoon! Now I have to go or I'll be charged for the 2 night stay and my plans for the afternoon are ruined. Do not sign up for this unless u have a day u don't mind being wasted during your vacation... Read more

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This was the worst customer service I've ever experienced, my account was messed up several times and has yet to be fixed. For some reason they keep canceling my automatic draft and charging me late fees. I've had it with this company and don't want to deal with the headache. It's not worth it take my advice and just walk away. Add comment

This is the review of your company that I will share as many places as possible. "Booked a vacation through Bluegreen Getaways to New Orleans a couple months ago. The agent guaranteed me I would be within walking distance of French Quarter as I am flying down (less than a mile was exact words). Received multiple emails with address of a hotel in the French Quarter so I assumed all was well. Less then a week before travel date my hotel was confirmed 6 miles outside of city. Called and spoke to multiple service representatives. No help, no... Read more

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I drove a three hour drive to one of there presentation on 04/18/2015. Once I enter in the door I was told to filled out some more paper work, after that this lady gave the my application. And then he approached me saying that I didn't not make enough income. That I could not attend the presentation went upstairs came back and wanted me to sign another paper and I refused. Look at my account today and they have pulled out 182.00 out of my account and the hotel that I was only in for 2 days took out 476.00 as well. I called the... Read more

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their fees and number of them are out of control. As an owner these items weren't identified on the purchase contract. Will not pay them until I know they are justified, now I'm hounded by the collection agency. Real unfriendly action. Bad company. x xx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x x xx xxxxxx x xxx x xx xx x x xx xx xx x xxx xxx xx xx xxx xxxx xxx xxx x x xxx xxx x xx x xxx xxx xx xxx xx xxxx xxx xxxxx xx xxx x xx xxx xxx xxx x xxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xx xx xxxx xxx xx... Read more

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In a March 2016 I was contacted by the BlueGreen marking department with this fantastic offer for a three night stay in Charleston if we would just listen to a 90 pitch for their timeshare program. When I hesitated a little they threw in a Getaway trip and a 5 night cruise out of Charleston! I asked a few more questions about specifics regarding the gift cards and extra costs/options and here is what I was will get 2 $100 gift cards that you can use at any restaurants, a Getaway, and the five night cruise. You just pay $275 up... Read more

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I bought a 3 night package for $199 with the understanding that I would be staying at the location near Phoenix. I was placed in a Courtyard/Marriott about 8 miles away. They said that they had overbooked their location. Marriott took my credit card for "incidentals" as is customary. I did attend the presentation as was my responsibility but it wasn't for me so I didn't buy. Upon checkout at Marriott I got a $0.00 balance checkout receipt showing no charges. When I received my credit card statement, there were 3 charges for $25.02 each, one... Read more

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Don't fall for their lies. Big big big mistake! They get your money for nothing!!!!! Add comment

Do not let the sales people at bluegreen sell you this junk. It's a money pit ! They lie about everything and take all of your money. This whole thing has been a nightmare! No way out except to spend alot more money we do not have. At the presentation they show you all of these wonderful places you can go but don't tell you after spending over 9,000 you don't have enough points to go anywhere causing you to spend even more money. Also lying about how much the MF are and neglecting to inform you that they rise every year! This is the worst... Read more

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Bluegreen Resorts - Review about Bluegreen Vacations Harbour Lights from Kingsport, Tennessee
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We were duped into going to a Bluegreen sales seminar after signing up at a Bass Pro Shop. We were promised 2 nights in a hotel for free and were given a Bass Pro gift card. The hotel they booked us in was a dump and the gift card didnt even work! After telling the sales people at the seminar no for about 4 hours my wife relented and we agreed to purchase a sampler week because of the property they have in Charleston, South Carolina. We were unable to book that property so my wife ended up booking 4 nights at the Harbor Lights property in... Read more

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