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This is a scam and terrible company. My and I purchased packages from this company and both were cheated. She went to New Orleans in Jan. And was put in a room with no heat for two days. Which in turn meant she was sick her whole trip. Now I can't book my vacation because I now live with my boyfriend who I wasn't living with at the time when I bought the package. I am getting punished on using my... Read more

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We stayed at the Wisconsin Dells, took the required tour, then went to play golf. We were to get two free rounds of golf - very hilly and long course. The catch is the golf cart is $22.00 per person. We had gotten this at the golf show - you can be certain we will protest at the booth this year! Others played the course for $19.00 including cart!!! What is wrong with this picture. BlueGreen... Read more

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Talk about a fraudulent company, this is it. Harassing phone calls & lies. Just look at there bad reviews. It is no wonder they are partnered w/ Bass Pro because they are predators. At least I can buy a predator call at Bass Pro. Add comment

At the time-share meeting, I asked the representative how many points would be used per night so I could get an idea of the value of the points. He stated that it would be anywhere from 250 to 450 of my points per night. Then when I later made some phone calls to check into booking, it was anywhere from 1000 to 2000 points/night plus I would still have to pay out-of pocket expenses beyond the... Read more

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2/10 would i ever recommend bluegreen to another person. It is such fun when they actually work correctly. But theyre nout usually correct when making my reservations. Add comment

We bought our timeshare years ago, our maintenance fees are now up to almost $1000 for one week that we can never get due to over-selling timeshares. I cannot even get a simple weekend, yet if you walk into somewhere like Bass Pro, you can get a free trial weekend!! When we first purchased our timeshare, the salesman was adamant that if we did not like it, or get our use out of it, it was... Read more

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We bought a package from them for over $300, we are a same sex female couple. When we bought the package, they knew we were not married ad it was illegal in Nevada. We asked the gentleman about it and he stated that we only had to cohabitation. I explained I was still legally married to someone but separated, He asked if we had been living apart for over a year. I said yes that we hadn't been... Read more

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I signed up to win a vacation. After several weeks a guy called me and said (wonder of wonders!) That i had won a free 4 day 3 night to any of several destinations and a 4 day cruise on my choice of cruise line. I straight up asked him first what was the catch before he started the whole spill to which he replied none. Long story short, after a long spill about the choices I had, I was told that... Read more

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I got into this 7 years ago and after I realized I was ripped off .I was stuck.I used the in 2015 first time had 20,000 points wanted to use at there location in Chicago was told I could only use 2 days .The second time was 01/03/2016 went to Scottsdale Arizona.Room was OK.People in room above smoking cigarettes and smoke came in through venting we had to leave the room a few times through the... Read more

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