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I purchased a blue green resorts getaway in January of 2015. I had planned to go to Skyline drive in the fall. I know that it was not blue green resorts fault that my Dad had gotten bad and I was going through a divorce. I appreciate that they worked with me and extended my time frame. That being said I recently called to book my getaway and was asked what my marital status was. I told them that I am divorced now and they asked me about my... Read more

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GF signed up for the BlueGreen deal: $50 for 3 nights in exchange for listening to a two hour presentation. GF would pay $200 up front and be refunded $150 after the (two hour) sales pitch. She realized BlueGreen might be a scammer when she called to see exactly where we would be staying. (They want you to go to their office before assigning a room. We were arriving late.) They put us in Saint Petersburg, not St. Pete Beach, so we were 15-30... Read more

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Here was my experience with Bluegreen. I signed me up for a "free 4 day 3 night trip to Myrtle Beach" staying in one of their resorts on the beach; sounded good so I ponied up the $200 plus to book the trip. Long story short, the accommodations were changed to a mid grade Fairmont hotel 3 miles from the beach. They claimed it was not their fault but their VTT. I was told to fill out a form and someone would follow up & make it right. That... Read more

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Don't do the FREE weekend! It is NOT free and the bonus vacations and dining dough is a SCAM as well. The dining dough can't be spent at the resort, and there are very few locations as well. You have to spend more money to use the dining dough dollars, such a SCAM. The bonus cruise and vacation you also end up spending more than it is actually worth! Another lesson in FREE is never free, if it sounds too good to be true it is! DON'T BE... Read more

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If you want to give your love ones the worst vacations of their lives you are in with bluegreen. Scam scam scam scam scam, fraudulent and false advertisement. We had the worst time trying to book in our dates, they booked us for a trashy hotel, next day we had to go for a meeting that we obviously didn't want to go on our vacay. 8am we arrived and were told that we were unable to get the tour andor benefits because me and my bf did not have the... Read more

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Some people are hard to please so with that being said I did appreciate the fact that I saved money on a vacation and received two extra ones. I spoke with a agent named Latasha and she was AWSOME. She was able to get my dates booked last minute of course and my family had a AWSOME time. The persentation was interesting although I was unable to buy into the time share I now know and understand more about being a time share owner. The people were... Read more

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I bought a vacation package and I was pleased with the entire thing. I will be visiting Bluegreen again and I will recommend a friend.

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Also lied to. Booked a vacation weekend in NH. Was told that there was childcare available for the presentation, two days before trip informed that SOME hotels have childcare but not this one!! So now I have to bring my three children to a two hour presentation. We were also lied to and told we could attend the presentation any time we wanted to. Again, when confirming room we were told that they are assigned on a first come first served... Read more

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It's not the great deal they'd like you to think it is. Most of the people I talked to were overcharged for the value of the rooms they were staying in, and the cruise they offer you is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to do. According to the papers I received, you have to register within 60 days, make a $150 deposit, choose SEVERAL preferred dates that have to be at least 30 days apart, and then pay an extra couple hundred per person, PLUS port fees, etc. You... Read more

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The short version tells it all. I am not a tourist. They're evil. They run around destroying our Earth. They are not environmentally responsible - especially the cruise ship people. They only go to see THINGS. Travelers go to see. Travelers aren't interested in seeing THINGS. Things are all fake. They aren't natural. Travelers tend to be nature lovers, birders, hikers, back packers who leave no footprint in the natural world. They... Read more

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