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I was told the maintenance fees would be about $256 a year on my 14000 points. My first bill 6 months later was $428.60 and that was only for 6 months!!!! I am so mad I can't see straight. There is no one willing to help me from Bluegreen. Therefore I am probably going to have to bring a lawsuit against them. They told me they were recording my commitment on tape and I plainly reminded them about... Read more

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To actually own a time share for years AND enjoy it with our family! JUST like all the testimonies of other people, we are there too. Retirement leaves us without the pleasures of being old. Paying all the money for owning and not resell what we don,t use is very sad There are a lot more people that will want a timeshare. No worry there. Don,t want to go through timeshare bit of selling it... Read more

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We recently purchased the $99 offer at Bass Pro Shop and scheduled a stay in Myrtle Beach. The person we talked to when making the reservations told us we would be staying in a 2 bedroom with a mini kitchen. We arrived and got our voucher to find we were being put up in a sleazy, unkempt motel in a shady area of town. We went back and were told we had to call a number they supplied us and... Read more

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We have had our timeshare with bluegreen for many years now,and although we don't enjoy matinance fees...who does. It was part of the upfront info when u agreed to purchase. And in the many years...almost 8yrs as owners...our fees have never went up. And it would be illegal n highly unlikely that a company would randomly pick out certain owners to increase fees. Just because some owners regret... Read more

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Today we went to the WI Dells location and received the pitch from Blue Green. We have been through Wyndham pressure sales, bought, and then returned within the 3 day period. We had a good experience today, no tears, no pressure sales. When we determined it wasn't the right match for us and said I thanks, they immediately backed off respectfully and followed through with their promises. They were... Read more

Was this review helpful? 0 0 Their dubious salesman, Don Allen Holbrook, is making thinly veiled death threats and attacking potential customers online. Holbrook was one of the masterminds of the failed international destination theme park Earthquest. Taxpayers are out 24 million for a theme park that will likely only... Read more

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My husband and I purchased a trial vacation and decided we did not get that much out of it. We should have known better since neither one of us are "resort" types. We both like out-doors activities like fishing in Canada or camping. We do not like pre-arranged modern condo type living arrangements, but would rather go to an old-fashioned house in Vermont, a B&B, or even a remote cabin in... Read more

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It started when we visited Tradewinds St. Pete on a business/ family trip.We enjoyed the resort, we had an oceanfront room.We had an issue so they upgraded us. They were very accommodating at the time.I was then contacted by bluegreen to come stay for a weekend on them and listen to their pitch.So we did it was cold, we made the best of it and still had a good time. Until the pitch. We went down... Read more

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Is anyone interested in a class action law suit against bluegreen or does anyone know of one that is current. I have never seen my condo, used any of bluegreen vacation resorts, have paid up my unit and no longer paying for any fees and club owner fees nothing. This is a HUGE SCAM..If I asked about using the condo it is always rented or not my time. I have read many complaints, and they all... Read more

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Went to the presentation in Las Vegas. Told it would last 90 minutes. We were there for 6 hours. Don't know what we were thinking but we signed. Carpets were filthy, no pool, sprinkler hang off the wall with disgusting cob webs, floor dirty and not swept and had to walk to the other side of the resort to a pop machine. And still we signed. I think the problem is we need our heads examined. ... Read more

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