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This time share/resort does nothing but lie, give you empty promises, and take your money. Every year fees increase. It's impossible to book a vacation where you want it. They opened credit cards to put the mortgage on in our names without consent. They don't answer the phone when you need help. They tell you they have assigned a personal representative to help you but that person is never avaloable. Very high sales pressure. I could go on for days about their illegal practices. Our 90 minute pitch turned into seven hours! They took advantage... Read more

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We have owned Bluegreen for many years. We have upgraded and each time been disappointed after we did it. The biggest problem is availability. Try to get on the wait list for LA, Mardi Grai week and see where that gets you. Try to book a week in N.Y. and see how many points that takes or if you can even get in for a week at Christmas. Oh yeah sign up with the wait list, been there done that, no availability. Asked where I was on the list. It was deleted, no access to the records. REALLY. Don't buy it. Don't be *** like us and upgrade... Read more

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We went to Myrtle Beach on what we had thought would be a nice summer vacation. Unfortunately for us that's where all the trouble began. We were offered discount dinner tickets to attend a 90 min sales presentation and went in convinced we weren't going to buy anything. We met with Mark (forget his last name) and after 4 hours we decided to join. What a mistake!!! We were told we could rent this out (not true) and that it would increase in value, but we found some Bluegreen points on eBay for $1.00- we couldn't make any reservations... Read more

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Ripping off people at the scale Don Holbrook does will land him in jail again. He laughs and yucks it up while people who are not savvy to the rip off continue to be scammed. If they would simply check online and do a back ground check it would be easy to see he and his "partners" have scammed others their whole lives. They suck off others and create a new ponzy scheme every few years. When all else fails file bankruptcy. Read more

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As an owner for over 16 years, I have never encountered such bad customer service. It takes them days to get back to you if you want to amend a booking - that's if they ever do. I am sick having to constantly chase them up every time I contact them. When you try to call them, you are also left hanging on the phone for ages too or passed from person to person to try to sort out your problem. Management really need to sort out this bad and slow customer service Read more

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We have been an owner at Bluegreen for 4 years and we have had a miserable experience. We have lost more pointes than we have been able to use. Saving points is a ridiculous process and saving them through RCI is a scam as well. There are so many hidden (completely undisclosed) terms, that until you violate, go unseen. Unless you can schedule at least one year in advance, it's a miserable deal and completely worthless. As a matter of fact it's worse than worthless, it actually has negative value. I have paid fees to save points and change... Read more

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Wanting to get out of my bluegreen timeshare. I have 7,000 annual points. If you are willing to pay transfer fees of $450 (I think that is what email listed) then they are yours. Read more

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Horrible company. I bought a 4 day, 3 nite stay in Vegas. Every time i try and use it they are "full", but go online and there are rooms available. They tell you they will call you back and never do. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! Add comment

It is bad enough that they added extra fees ,to do the up grading to the place. We have owned ours for twenty years and it was nice to start with , as the years has gone by the maintenance quality as gone from bad to worst. The furniture has maybe been changed out twice the cleaning of the rooms really suck a kid could do better. Then they decide to paint and up grade and charge us more . What the *** I have been paying fees ever since we bought it and they haven't kept the maintenance up and we have pay for it and now we have to pay more.... Read more

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so, we're not pissed customers but.. my husband and I did "purchase" with bluegreen at a silver level (20000pts) . then when we came home after our free weekend preveiw, I read ALL of their documents and he looked at ALOT reviews. Well, we decided to cancel because we just weren't comfortable with the reviews we read and reading complaints made to the BBB of Florida. here's why we're not "pissed customers". like I said I read ALL of the documents we received. so I knew there was a limited time frame to cancel and the proper way to cancel.... Read more

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