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The short version tells it all. I am not a tourist. They're evil. They run around destroying our Earth. They are not environmentally responsible - especially the cruise ship people. They only go to see THINGS. Travelers go to see. Travelers aren't interested in seeing THINGS. Things are all fake. They aren't natural. Travelers tend to be nature lovers, birders, hikers, back packers who leave no footprint in the natural world. They... Read more

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Talked with sales agent on phone to set up a presentation. Price that was quoted over phone was not what was charged on my credit card. It was $50.00 more than stated. Tried several times to get in touch with customer service both by email and phone. No one has responded as of yet. They did not do what was told to me. I am now trying to get a refund. I may have to get an attorney involved. The customer service department stinks. Once someone... Read more

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I'm not sure if you call it a scam, but I do know the sales pitch is very misleading and can suck you into purchasing something you are not financially committed to. I'v been a owner for nearly 15 years and have been annoyed everytime I use it. I actually have to deal with anger and regret every time I go on a BG vacation. I should be proud as a owner, but I'm not. Here are the top issues with being a Bluegreen owner: 1. Availability: Hard to... Read more

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Attended an event to be told about Bluegreen vacations. We did not purchase. We received 2 certificates, 1 for a cruise and 1 for a hotel stay. We have had nothing but trouble with Bluegreen about these certificates. IT'S AN ISSUE WITH BLUEGREEN, not the redemption company. Received the wrong certificate and not getting the run around. It's now past the 60 days to register the certificates and NOBODY at Bluegreen will help, they keep... Read more

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We are Bluegreen GOLD owners... It's a constant battle to book.. EVERYTHING we were told ... LIES! Resorts we've been to are beautiful, but good luck trying to book it. Hold times on the phone are excessive. Customer service is poor. Would never recommend this to ANYONE!

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We bought 7000 points and have never been able to use them. I have called and begged them yo help me and show me how to use the points, that is a joke. So I tried to sell them, thats also a joke and scam. They claim they will mail the package to sell, but they never do. I have tried and tried to work with them.I wish I would have read these reviews before we purchased. I too, was a victim at BassPro shop, We should be able to trust them, since... Read more

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If you bought Bluegreen timeshares this is your chance to get out of their contract. Whether it was in Florida or another state. It does not matter what size package you bought or when you bought or which resort you bought at. If you want out this is the time to contact me and to get out of contract with never ending annual fees. Contact me at AGAIN! It does not matter what size package you bought or when you... Read more

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I have had nothing but problems with this company. They have screwed my family and I over time and time again. Anything to do with Bluegreen is a complete scam including their credit cards. They ruin people's lives for a living by talking them into something with quick pressure sales. As far as the credit card goes, half the time I am unable to even process payments. I received 37.00 in late fees due to them not letting my wife process a... Read more

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We'd just had a wonderful visit at the Guy Harvey Resort that had been set up by our travel agent. We traveled on our own and not part of a sales pitch. As we were leaving, there was a little desk in the corner, and a sales agent asked us if we'd be interested in coming back? Offered us a really cheap 4-day, 3-night stay. Our son was getting married and we thought it would be a great little honeymoon for them. Well, the next year, they still... Read more

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I am pleased with my Blugreen experience. Because we joined Choice hotels group, we got a call from Blugreen. The destination was Savannah and since we had a son in Georgia we decided to go. Our hotel was the Holiday Inn which was much nicer than the accommodations we would have chosen for ourselves I was worried about the two hour salespitch because I had heard that timeshares take you away by yourselves and really wear you out. That was... Read more

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PLEASE DO NOT fall for it. We got free stay at SLS Las Vegas and had to attend their 'presentation'. After that, salespeople provided info such as, We have tie-ups with all major airlines and for $1000-1100 round trip, you can use approximately 2000 vacation points. Since I travel internationally frequently, I thought even if I don't use this for vacation, I can use it mostly for travel and bought the basic package. As it turns out, I can't use... Read more

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I have never delt with a more unprfessanal group of sales people in my life this when i arrived in Williamsburg Virginia became obvious the moment the 24hour facility was not open this somehow became my fault i was given a time to see there time share presentations in the middle of the day i asked to change it was told that was fine and that i would receive an email thatt didnot happen and once again no one could be reached now i wil have to... Read more

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We bought a package at their Phoenix office and changed our minds the next day. When we told them, there was NO pressure to reconsider. We followed the steps sending a return receipt request letter to their Florida office. The cost was put on the Bluegreen credit card we had just opened, and the full amount was credited back as soon as the Florida office received our request to cancel. We were treated well by the staff at Phoenix, and they were... Read more

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We were told repeatedly that our sales presentation could be scheduled at a preferred time during check in. I called the hotel to let them know I would be a late check-in and they let "me" know what my presentation time was for! Not a choice of times "not optional". Not to mention our 2 hour presentation was 11:45am that takes up most of our afternoon! Now I have to go or I'll be charged for the 2 night stay and my plans for the afternoon are... Read more

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