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Where can I begin, They will dazzle you with the show cabins, and the spaces available at the Rv sites, also there is a on site horse ridding. But when it comes to the quality of everything you better think twice. The leaking roof in shalet 132-1 it has been leaking for months, and Mark Bartee just shrugs it off and demands that the mantinance man lie to the cosumer and tell them "it will be fixed tomorrow" when in fact it will not. I am so sorry if you have been threw this and that your money is going to waste. their is a total of 17 cabins that leak too, weather it be a leaking window or a drip that falls right on the intertainment center it doesn't matter.If you get a cabin with the hot tub in the bathroom and the water jets are not working, don't count on that getting fixed either.

Not only that but I was once quit there and the company riped me of my commishion and black balled me there so I can not work there anymore when I wanted to transfur to housekeeping. Now my husband has been working there for about 2 years now and hasen't gotten a desent raise "heres your $.07 more an hour." Almost 2 years and here is your $.07 a hour. And did you know that there is 5 mantanace employee's that haven't worked their in years still on the pay roll, someone is cashing threir cheaks embesselment anyone?

When I get some more jucie details I will keep you guys posted!

Monetary Loss: $1.

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I am in blue-green points owner I own 7000 points per year,I own at Christmas Mountain for about 10 years or more. They had just assessed the cabin owners $3000 to re do all the cabins, when I brought in a Christmas mountain they said they redid all the cabins every four years and maintained them well.

Now because of their neglect they want to redo all the cabin so the match the buildings upfront.

The cabin owners were given the choice easy paid $3000 assessment or they can trade cabins in for points and exactly how that went but as usual if the people turn their cabins in blue-green will have more say-so on what goes on so far it seems like they just wait the people on the and do it as they please anyway. If we could get together and have a place such as an e-mail address that we could all talk and give our opinions and become a group we would have a better chance against blue-green my e-mail is iver48@Gmail.com looking forward to hear from your thank you my name is Iver I'm not a happy owner


We toured Christmas Mountain last year as a part of a presentation required to get a discount stay at a waterpark. Glad I didn't buy!


wow, talk about a lot of people loving their jobs..you guys are sad to think these people care about you all. wow, brainwashed....I attended a bluegreen conference Sunday.

Talk about bloodhounds who wont take no for an answer.

l't s be upset with this woman for speaking her mind. Makes you guys look bad as a company.


easy around the mouth peice :( :grin


I'm glad you quit...you should have done a spell check before you summited this complaint.


This is just an extreme case of lipservice. Someone gets a lil froggy @ the mouth and lets it fly. We've all done it. Sadly enough, doing it in a place like this can have consequences or even a big fat molywapin heading their way.

Furthermore, while the shx senior management looks out for the guests just as they look out for the employees, lets show respect and not throw out names carelessly.

Finally, shx is a team and cant be stopped. Focus on whats ahead and not whats behind. We will succeed!


I have a comment on this,there are days when i say to myself this is it i'm done.This is a business and sometimes it can get hectic.I love the guys i work with and would do anything for any of them.This place is a special place to work for,i learn new things everyday which you cant put a price on.If you don't have gas to get you through the week someone will help get you through.If you need time off for something they work around you for you to get what you need done.This all means alot.

The upper management ,you have to realize have a job to do,they have bosses over them that are demanding things done and that trickles down.I feel if i had a problem i could talk to D,M,OR D and they would try to help with my problem.I love working here,here you almost have to love it because its so demanding at times but you have to remember the guest come first.If no guest,no money,no job!

People that have worked here awhile should feel like i do.You do different things ,everyday is something new.I just say if you are not satisfied with a 7 cent raise tell them you deserve more or i'm going leave.If they can't help just leave.Dont throw things in that you not sure of. Stick to the problem in hand..I feel i deserve more money or else???

Closing i feel Mr. C is a great general manager that talks to you and LISTENEDS.

Mr. MC good guy who also will listen to concerns and do what he can to resolve..

Mrs. DH also a good person who will listen and help you the best that she can.

In closing I love working at The Crossing,Met my wife at the Crossings,love the people i work beside eveyday.It can get tuff but only you and only you can change you life style.

I love all you guys in the dept..

i will molliwap you one time



I've read all the comments on this and have a few things to say.First the wife quit so thats her mistake(no rehire)second the husband has worked there for 2 years with a 7 cent raise sounds to me thats all hes worth.If he feels hes worth more tell his boss or find another job.Can he get another job??????????Make accusations about money,wrong doing is easy to do behind a fake name on a computer but i would bet if you had something you would"nt be talking here about.

Shenandoah is to me a great place to work.It has its ups and downs but the ups out weigh the downs...

The main thing is you fell like you are under paid so does 100 million people in this world so only you can change that by finding something that you are satisfied with..



Why *** the hand that feeds you? Best to get another job than have a pitty party that you can't back up.

cool your heels and leave it alone.

Get a life and please do everyone a favor and get a new job...like now! You're lucky they keep you round.


SCs#1 you best stop while you're ahead. Accusations are bad and shuld have back up.

Things are not what they seem to people who don't try to understand them or even know what they think they know. So get your *** *** before you start anymore trouble.


:eek Can we all just agree to disagree? :cry


sounds to me like a nerve has been touched. what's the matter guys?

you pissed because someone is exposing your little rip off scheme? Just got back from a bluegreen sales pitch. what a crock of *** i wouldn't buy ANYTHING from these scoundrels. but you know what, you're right.

the best thing for ANYBODY to do is get as far away from these RIP-OFFS as possible!!!! GOOGLE this place and you will see for yourself!!!



First if tour gonna run your mouth know what your talking about the people that are on the payrole are seasonal workers that can be brought back at anytime and there is no one cashing there checks. do you think that bluegreen wouldnt catch on to that. All your gonna do is get someone in trouble, possably yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Go get another job. I have a *** one too, but I give it my all.

I think you don't nee to advertise on the internet your personal information and your unfounded information. If you are truely "inside" then you should know how things work. Take a hike and good that they canned you. Walking out is unacceptable.

So suck it up or shut it up. The place is heaven to a lot of people and they deserve to find out for themselves. I've been there and was treated with the utmost respect. They are generous giving people who take every concern as a personal concern...do you????

Evidently not! Time for you to move on.



You say that this maintinance man has been here for two years but it sounds like only two days. I put my time and hard work into this place and I know that there is no 132-1 it was 324-1 and I know my self that has been resolved with all new ply wood, paper, flashing and shingels. Another project in the books.

I Have worked many jobs in my day and the ones that wasn't for me or didnt pay enough I canned and moved on so mabey that might be in your best intrest.

A walk out is a walk out and that isn't good for buisness and no employer wants anyone like that back, that was your mistake so live with it and take it as learning experiance.

Louisa County is a one horse county so dont expect to become rich. Ive had my 10cent raise but later down the road it added up and became alot more, soo you have two choices here wich one will you take????????????


In my years with bluegreen and shenadoah I have been taken well care of with great employees and great benifits.Yes there will always have it's ups and downs no matter who is running the departments or the company. Yes the resort is old and rustick but with another side comming on there will be room for emprovement. I dont care who you are if you flat out quit you will be black listed so dont think that you are some queen bee and can walk back in the door, so guess what it just isnt going to happen so find a job that you havn't been black listed from and work there and as far as the maint man your job spot is a dime a dozen so suck it up or move on.


I work here to and just to read this is bad business.First the wife says she QUIT! Ok QUIT means no rehire.Why did'nt you give a 2 week notice? You should'nt be allowed to work here again. Second your husband has been here for 2 years and have only got a .07 raise. You have 2 options FIND ANOTHER JOB!!!!!!!!! OR take what they give and give them 8 hrs. day of work.

I love working here,Ive met some good friends from here,and my supervisor is considerate if there is something wrong or i need time off. If a roof is leaking it may take time to fix,this is a business,the cabins need work but my observation is everyone is doing evrything they can to fix these cabins.

It sounds like someone is bitter. Dont come in everyday and complain about how bad it is...doing something and make a change for your life..

Every job has its good days and bad. I think you just have a bad expierence and need to move on. If i'm not happy i would'nt be working here for 2 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate to see people getting called out by name with no defense. I feel like and can talk to any of the upper management if i had a problem and it would be resolved or they would try to anyway.

There is a little favoritism between departments but you come to work everyday and do the best you can for 8 hours.

If its a pay thing MOVE ON! If its something else MOVE ON!...

Im just sadden employees feel this way. As comments like this make the whole resort look bad!!!!!!!!!!!

***,Donna,and Mark all listen to any concerns i have and other employees i have heard had a problem.

Everyone to read this just keep doing your job,respond to guest request, and do the best you can...

thank you,



Hey you're right the *** should quit. What goes on behind closed doors is called "confidentiality" and you are not keeping that confidentiality.

If you're so pissed off don't go there. Personally I love it. Leaky roofs and all.

Stuff happens and guess what not everything can be repaired in a timely manner.

And if you think you know stuff you best back it up or a lawsuit may ensue. Hope you are prepared!


Hey you're right the *** should quit. What goes on behind closed doors is called "confidentiality" and you are not keeping that confidentiality.

If you're so pissed off don't go there. Personally I love it. Leaky roofs and all.

Stuff happens and guess what not everything can be repaired in a timely manner.

And if you think you know stuff you best back it up or a lawsuit may ensue. Hope you are prepared!


If you are both as pissed off as you say then leave tell little hubbie to get another job and by the sounds of you my dear I should put the bottle down once in a while

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