Sayreville, New Jersey
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The Atlantic Palace is a dive. The staff(?) reflects the quality of this seedy joint.

They threatened to use my financial information to their own advantage. They are lacking in professionalism and are exceedingly rude and overbearing. Big FAT fish in a dirty little pond.This is going to be settled one way or another, even if it reaches the courts. The place went non-smoking on 1/01/11, and my son broke the rule by smoking a cigarette in the room.

He and his girlfriend were thrown out, told they would be fined $350, and no money would be refunded for the weekend. So this dump would be making $534.40 without having provided anything for more than one hour. The staff called the police, who voiced their opinion that the manager was going overboard with his handling of the situation. Since the couple was leaving peacefully and quietly, there was no need for the ridicule they were subjected to as they exited this place.

I had secured the reservation as a Christmas gift for them and they had looked forward to a little R&R in AC. Never again. If they try to bill me for something I never contracted for, they will face a battle. A $350 fine is way overboard.

But either fine them and give me my money back, or drop the fine and keep the room charges- not both. It is outrageous and probably illegal, and we sure will find out!

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honey why should my mf be spent on extra cleaning because you darling little son cant or will not follow the rules .

It is non smoking and he continued his dirty little habit.

Well done to the manager

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