Northbrook, Illinois
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Blue Green Resort called me claiming that I won a vacation passage. After listening to the sales pitch they asked for my credit card number to "hold" the reservation.

I told the salesperson I did not feel comfortable giving my number over the phone. I wanted time to research the company as I had never heard of the resort before. THAT is when the call turned very unpleasant and upsetting. The salesperson got her manager on the phone with me.

When again I refused to give them my credit card number the man over the phone told me how people do this all the time and how reputable Blue Green was. The call ended with the manager hanging up on me. This was the most aggressive telemarketing phone call I have ever received and shame on the company for allowing their people to belittle consumers. I'd say their calls border on the line of unethical.

The telemarketing call came from 954-271-8841 (FL) and I did not get the names of the sales people.

But whoever is calling from there should feel disgusted with themselves.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Your words sound exactly like what happened to me today, EXACTLY!! from the same number.


Thanks; I just got a call and nobody picked up when I answered but I found your post through a search. I'll be aware if they call again.

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