Orlando, Florida

I was told a lie after another lie . I can not even get a payment book to make my payment on time they want me to call and make a payment by phone and charge me another $5 for the fees plus the additional 1% for the payment coupon book .

This place is a big joke and I gave them 10 referals that travel like me and I called every one up and told them the deal I got and said not to buy . We are very upset and it a *** place I have been hooked , line but Im going to sink and I will make sure that everybody I have contact with about it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Deal.

Monetary Loss: $9500.

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Edd, John is correct

we have had a week in New York and 2 weeks at The soundings in Cape Cod, afew nights in a 4 *star Hitlton thro Travellers Plus

All our points are type y in Trust Fund E

Now you know that I know what I am talking about but the question is Do YOU

@Villa Nova


Thanks for clearing the water by providing the maintainence fees and cost associated with the trip to the "4 star" accomendations.


John, have you noticed your the only one that has good comments, maybe there is something up with you and them or maybe you are just rich and love to throw your money away. Where did you go last year and how much was your maintenance fee for the year? This will tell me if you know what you are talking about.


We spent a week (5 nights) in a 2BR at Falls Village in Branson. Our maintenance fees are $629.

The year before that was in Gatlinburg, the year before that was 7 nights in Shenandoah, the year before that was Branson and before that was Gatlinburg. So I would say that our 6,000 points works for our family of 6 right now.

Once the kids are grown and gone, look forward to going more places for the 2 of us.



I don't understand the complaint??? I have been a bluegreen member for 6 years and I just paid mine off.

I get 10, 000 points a year.

I had it auto withdrawn from my checking and I never pay a fee.


I was a Bluegreen victim. They will lie to your face not caring if they suck your life saving from you. I did get out of mine, but I still hate those leeches.martysuniga@gmail.com


How did you geyt out of it just stop paying?

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