I am interested in purchasing a Bluegreen timeshare from an individual who is trying to get out. I have been searching to add another ownership to add to the one I current have with Bluegreen and all the sites I have been on leads to a broker who I feel is trying to rip me off.

sounds like there are lots of people who are wanting out and maybe this is a good place to look for a nice timeshare. I haven't had any particular trouble with using Bluegreen in the past 10 years, but do avoid their meetings, etc. and just enjoy my vacation. I use points for weekdays and bonus time for weekends so that I get more mileage out of my membership.

I understand that Bluegreen will take care of all the transfers and escrow, etc. and that I don't need to pay someone else to do that so transfer should be pretty simple I think.

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Contact me if you want to buy mine. I have 13,000 points annually at La Cabana. Beautiful place.


Will sell 10,000 points for $10,000 or best offer


16,000 points for $20,00. will sell for half the price or lower. email at kseahtoo@gmail.com

Cottageville, South Carolina, United States #1235836

have 7000 annual points, need to sell, health issues. if interested contact me at murray@outlook.com

Owasso, Oklahoma, United States #1213587

Ours is paid off. We are Bronze level and interested in selling. Own two deeds and will sell both if interested.


I am definitely trying to sell mine haven't paid it off tho still owe 10,000 and its 8000 points


7,000 annual points $9,000. Hollisterlovr02@aol.com


7,000 points for $9,000

Birmingham, Alabama, United States #1059694

still interested? 23,000 every year


Hamilton, Ontario, Canada #1057321

Still interested in bluegreen , 40,000 every other year even year


If you are still looking for BG timeshares... Email me.


I am interested in getting out..., quickly.


We've had ours for a few years and haven't used it due to husband's work schedule. Would love to sell it for whatever we owe. Not looking to make money off of it...just want to get rid of it....


Have 26,000 annual points. Just do not use.

need 32k or best offer. contact at gregnicoles@yahoo.com


Have 7000 points every other year and would love to sell mine


I haave on will sell it gor 9k OBO

Palm Bay, Florida, United States #995989

Would love to sell mine. Shurte@live.com

Miami, Florida, United States #993487

I have 5, 000pints for every year. I would like to sell it immediately because of I cannot afford it....also I don't travel that much......its not beneficial for me.....If you want to purchase please contact me on siji812004@yahoo.co.in or p.palatty@yahoo.com.


I have 8,000 points and I am willing to split the cost to transfer to your name. From what I see it is $450.

So it can be yours for $250.


Argyle, Texas, United States #968991

My husband and I are military and also work for American Airlines so we have found that we really do not use our points. I would like to sell my 6000 points if your interested!

We have not had a bad experience, just doesn't fit our "go the last minute type lifestyle". I can be reached at dvanzanten2@gmail.com

Elizabethtown, Kentucky, United States #950645

Me and my husband just bought 15,000 points with deed and have a 3 day cruise certificate and another 3 day 2 night vacation certificate. Paid $22,500.

Make offer!!

Motivated to sell. Contact me at sandmservices86@yahoo.com

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