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This Timeshare scam has been going on for decades. Anybody being enticed by a gift, pressured by the sales staff into buy something they aren't familiar with, and told this offer is only good for today, should know, as a consumer, they are being scammed.

Anytime the seller comes to you, instead of you going to them to make a purchase, should always be, buyer beware. If timeshare were so great, people would be contacting them to purchase. When I was younger, I'd go to these functions just to get the gift; if it was something I really needed, or wanted.

I'd sit through the scam while telling the sales people, I only came to get the gift, and they never tried their sales tactics on me at all. Later, I ignored any and all Timeshare gimmicks, and went out and bought my own gift item; if I needed it.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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You obviously dont know there is nothing free in life!

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