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Wife and I did the $99.00 weekend offered by Bass Pro Shops at Bluegreen resorts. We went there with the idea we would say no no matter what.

After being promised a 2 hour presentation that turned into 8 hours we signed on for a timeshare. We were so tired and wore down from a pressure sales pitch that included four different sales people after each time we said no. Each additional sales person was more aggressive than the last. They made promises that are not true, the biggest being we could use our points at anytime at any resort in their portfolio.

Just today, October 28, 2017 we tried to use our point in GA only to see we cannot use it on the dates we would like to visit. Heck one time a Bluegreen rep told us and I quote, "you can use your points where we want you to." When we complained before about this they told us if we upgraded we would have more options.

We have asked an attorney to add us to a class action suit that has been files. Before you even consider this timeshare please do not.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Bluegreen Resorts Cons: Were dishonest, Having to play the game.

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Stupid yank ....just give your $$$$ to the lawyers no need to go to court ....cut out the middleman


First of all sorry you lost the use of your legs ......just get up and walk nobody held a gun to your heads ......mind you it is the US so there is a good chance of that happening Everybody can book 11 month window .....big point or small points all can at 11 months


How can I get added to the law suit. I had the same experience! So frustrated with this company!

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