Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
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We booked our "resort" in Myrtle Beach. When we got there we went to our room.

Expecting something nice, I got a 2 bit motel room with no bedspreads, stains on the bed box springs and on the covers, broken refigerator and a 19 in TV that has been in that room for however long the resort has been there. We have been in touch with the regional mgr with Blue Green, the general manager at the Bass Pro where this was purchased, promised a replacement 3 days at another resort and $50 refunded. Don't do it.

Check in was horrible, had to check in 2 diffent places with 3 different people. I can say the presentation was not horrible and they did listen but nothing was done.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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It is Myrtle Beach people...

Know what to expect and you will have a good time.


They probably gave you a room based on your appearance-slobby. Sorry, but being neat and clean matters. The diet Coke isn't working for fat dude who was too lazy to get up so you could take the pictures.


That's the most ridiculous thing anyone could say. It's not your place to review a person's weight.


Exactly, looks like a match made in heaven to me.


Diet coke has so much chemicals in it that your body has to store it as fat or it will destroy your liver. It's not his fault, just a bad choice.


OMG!! That SUCKS!!!


We had a similar experience at the Seaglass Tower in Myrtle Beach...extremely noisy as well on weekends.


Seaglass is small but a cool place to stay. It's right on the boardwalk.

We had two units, my son and his wife had the other one along with their 11 month old baby, at the time.

They enjoyed it too. We will always go for a couple days there, and then go to either Shorecrest, Carolina Grande, or Harbour Lights for the rest of the week.


Where was this " hotel " ? I've never seen any Bluegreen resorts in Myrtle Beach that fit this description .


Harbor Lights. To the left of the swimming pool, 2nd building ground floor. It was horrible.


It is only 21 stories and has a large signage at the entrance which has “Bluegreen” on it. Beside the boardwalk and Pier 14.

Hard to miss. This is one of 4 actually in Myrtle beach. Not counting the ones associated with RCI and travelers plus. SeaGlass is great but only offers 1 bedroom condos.

If you need something larger their are 3 others to check availability with if you’re an owner.

Those pictures are definitely not at any of the 4 Bluegreen resorts I’ve ever stayed at in Myrtle Beach. You get what you pay for.