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In short approached to review this vacation package, told fees were approx. 325$ per year !.

And then it began 6 months later we were charged $590 for dues and then 6 months after that another $590 for more yearly dues!!We specifically asked before signing if the amount for dues would change suddenly , and she answered No!!! In addition they said we had yearly vacations but upon calling about dues we were told it was only every other year. Plus Impossible to get a date when we needed to!

Plus u have to give $375 up front to book a stay anywhere and they call u in 45days to let u know if they have anything available!!! Wth???too bad fir the consumer!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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1. "told" and "we specifically asked" are the wrong answers.

How did the contract that you signed read ? That is the only relevant question.

2. You repeated the error "calling about dues". Calls are as useless as "told".


Carefully examine the written contract. The provisions stipulated therein are the sole limits of the contract. If you are unable or uncomfortable interpreting such a document, present it to a competent person such as an attorney or industry expert.

4. It is unclear exactly how much money you have spent .

Make a careful accounting of it including cancelled checks or credit card receipts or whatever you used.


If you have been overcharged or abused in some manner which violates the written contract, you are entitled to recompense and should seek such.

6. If you're just stuck with a crummy deal you don't like, buy your way out and forget about it forever.

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