New Orleans, Louisiana

My husband and I were in Bass Pro Shop in Destin, Fl when this lady approached us to enter a raffle. I think her name was Elizabeth.

After entering the raffle she then tries to hassle us to buy a vacation from them. When her tactics didn't work, the next sales person came. And when that didn't work, the next came. All they do is hassle the *** out of you.

They ask you why you don't want to buy and what's holding you back.

We wasted 30 minutes talking to them. We should have just walked away but we were still trying to be polite.

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You should have complained to the Bluegreen Corp, because I know that at all the Bass Pro Shops we have shopped at, we have never had a problem with this type of harassment.

Bluegreen Corp is a good investment if you educate yourself and know what you are signing a contract for.

Granbury, Texas, United States #662433

Be glad you didn't. Fell for this bs and paid $99 for a two night vacation in their resort.

Called to book it and they informed me I would be staying at the holiday inn. And if you go and don't listen to their timeshare *** I hear they charge you another $100.

to Metalartguy #696963

If you are told that your stay will be at the local hotel instead of on the resort, then you let them know you want a room on the resort itself. You may have to wrangle with different dates, but it will not cost you any more than you already paid.

Also, you are NOT charged for missing a timeshare presentation, you are charged $100 if you do not show up on your check-in date without a 2 week cancellation notice or reschedule date. If you reschedule less than 2 weeks prior to your originally scheduled date, then there is a $50 charge.

I wish people would learn how to read their contracts and use common sense when doing business.

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