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We got hooked into this at the Bass Pro store in Denver. Went to Vegas, yes for free, and attended the "only" 90" which was much longer than that.

Given a CD from an old comedian that supposedly was a big hit in Vegas "a few years" ago. Then got down to the nitty gritty. Told them 3x, no, we weren't interested and each time a new sales person would work on us for more time. Even the purported son of Bluegreens' owner sat down with us and pressured, pressured.

Ok, call us saps but we gave in after being shown this lavish suite in the hotel we were in there in Vegas thinking we could take our entire family there and or friends and have a great place to stay. NEVER happened. Had a great place in The Ozarks that we wanted to take my mom fishing and such and have a super vacation there. No way as each time we called, arguments ensued over us not having enough points, of course we could buy more points(!) and now Mom is gone.

So. We were given a certificate for 10000 pts when we bought in in 2009 and whenever we went to use them, we were told the certificate was no good, or it had expired, or they had no record of any certificate for 10,000 points. Since then, we've continued to keep up on the payments each month and the annual dues of $1000+. Would like to consider a class action suit if anyone reads this and knows of others having similar problems.

If not, just hope someone reads this before they sit down with Bluegreens' high pressure sales people. We think it's a rip but what can we do? They don't let you out and basically point out that you pay or after five months, take a substantial negative hit on your credit.

We're in our 70s and on fixed incomes. Good Luck!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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$1000 per year you must have at least 15000 points per year ......a week in Vegas is 1100

Points are valid for all seasons for 1 yr and blue white and red for a second year

What you need to do is join the several Facebook groups who can put you on the correct path so you understand what you bought


Have had same problem wish I never bought

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