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we were told we could get a two night vacation to WI Dells for $150 and all we had to do was attend a 90 minute sales presentation for vacation timeshare. They buddied up to us,lied to us and kept us there for 5 1/2 hours before talking us into the Sampler 24 for $3500- they say it cant be cancelled and after reading about it on the web we feel we were tricked, lied to and that they used deceptive sales practices to dupe us into a contract they have no intention of adhering to. Contact FTC and your state attorney general and the ARDA if you have also been unfairly taken advantage of-they are crooks!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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My exposure with Bluegreen has been exclusively thru Big Cedar Wilderness Club, and I must say that for the most part they are not what I've been reading here. You people who expect to get a free weekend from a timeshare company without high-pressure sales must be from another planet.

My sister has been to almost every timeshare imagineable and she confirms this.

As far as facilities, Big Cedar is great and is rated #4 in the world, so Bluegreen isn't selling access to trash resorts....you get what you pay for. Like one of the other posts said, you can always get up and leave after your 90 minutes....what can they do to you if you've fulfilled your part of the agreement.


Was it to hard to get up and leave if you were not interested? :upset Just curious. We have had nothing but wonderful service and facilities from the first meeting we had with Bluegreen.


I too went for the presentation and was "held hostage" for over four hours. I complained and complained and they say that while I was there the actual presentation was only 90 mins, that does not include the sells pitch and waiting/registration time.

As far as the property is concerned, we had no hot water the entire time we were there.

Not the type of place I would wabt to take my family again. :?


follow up- I recieved word from Bluegreen corporation that they are canceling the contract along with an apology for the treatment we recieved by the sales people- Make sure you do your homework before going to any sales presentation.

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