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I was invited back to the resort for an owner review presentation on Dec 15-2017. but got ate up by bed bugs instead.

It was all fine and wonderful in June when I was talked into buying the timeshare. It sounded good and I really thought it was a good choice and I could use it. I was excited to become an owner. But once I experienced the grief of being bitten by bed bugs and reporting it my trip quickly turned into a total nightmare.

The Housekeeper was rude he offered me clean bedding and advised put a quilt on the bed and the bed bugs will not come through to bite me again. The front desk clerk refused to change my room and by the time I got to the 3rd call back to a Supervisor she advised could change rooms but had to leave everything in the room including the clothes we had on until someone could come and inspect the next morning. Besides myself being in agony, pain and traumatized I had 6 other people with me including 5 kids under 13 that was not bitten but traumatized at the experience. I had to cut my trip short and left the resort at 12 midnight to drive 7 hours back to Georgia.

I received a call the next morning from the director who confirmed there was bed bugs found in the room by a 3rd party and would do all he could to help recover my loss. Since then Dec 18th till today I have been treated less than a human, talked to all kind of ways and refused to give me a copy of the report. There has been no resolution. At this point without telling the entire story I want nothing to do with Blue Green Resort in Orlando, Fl.

period. I am 69 years old and the experience have made me not ever wanting to go to a resort, hotel or any type of accomodations as this.

I am seeking assistance in cancelling my timeshare because I have not had the chance to use it nor would I ever use it. The rude treatment was enough for me.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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