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Be careful before signing! After sitting through a two-hour presentation you will be so tired of people talking TO you and AT you that you begin to listen without fully hearing the details.

I just signed up yesterday and they told me that it will take 30-45 days before I can make a reservation. Guess what?? After that time frame I will have entered the blackout period and I will not be able to book until September! After I will have paid seven months!

By the way...there are no cancellations allowed!

Run away as fast as you can!

Monetary Loss: $900.

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Timeshare is good if you know how to use it. First of all, they do not hold a gun to your head.

They do not "make" you stay for a 3 hour presentation. You are an adult - hopefully, you can get up and leave. Dont blame them later. Secondly, read you documents - dont sign something you havent read.......simple.

Third, read everthing you are given about making a reservation and how the system works. If you dont understand - call the resort operations people - not the sales people. The sales people have done their job and will not take their time to explain. They are paid on sales.

The operations people are going to serve you in the future - treat them nicely. Dont be a *** because you bought something you now dont want. There are lots of perks for timeshare owners who know how to use what they bought. Like weeks for $199!

Learn to use it. Pay your fees on time - you agreed to be a member - be a good one.

Tuebingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany #19316

read the contract. blackout dates are listed twice and they read it out loud to you before you sign.

don't be a fool. don't be be mad because you signed up for a program that has rules and regulations, if they didn't, idiots like you would screw everything up. it's a time-share, when you reserve a date, don't be a mindless punk and cancel. other people are relying on you keeping your date.

it makes it run smoothly.

i've been an owner for 2.5 years and if you plan ahead and have half a brain, it works pretty well. a lot of times you won't get your first choice of room but don't be a greedy, you're on vacation, shouldn't be in your room much anyways.

Scurry, Texas, United States #9996

Are anytime shares good ?f so where ???

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