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My husband and I went to Bass Pro in Tulsa, OK a few months back and got stopped by the guy from Outdoor World I believe it was called to sign up for this "amazing" deal they could offer us to Branson. We had wanted to go to Branson anyways so we thought sure why not.

The catch was we had to go to this timeshare presentation at Big Cedar. The guy tells us oh it's just 90 min and they aren't pushy at all. So we went this past weekend 12-14 and stayed at the Raddison. First of all in order for us to go on a wknd we still had to pay like $140 for the hotel.

They gave a married couple a room with two full beds that were more like the size of twin beds. Not happy campers about that! Our time for the tour and timeshare presentation was 845 in the morning on Saturday (our only full day in Branson, joy). So we arrive and the first thing they tell us is we need to give them a photo ID plus a major credit card...

This should have been a major red flag but we complied. We had to wait nearly 30 min for them to even start the *** thing and they take us into this smaller room where about 8 other families all sat around little tables. Our presentor claimed to be a preacher who was just starting up a church from the ground up so that's why he was working there... Seems odd for a preacher to want to work for a company like that but whatever.

At this point we had told ourselves we weren't buying what they are selling. The guy talked for literally an hour and he was saying all the right things and doing all this math that laid the ground work for one to think they would be *** if they did not buy into this one time offer! Once he was done talking our "advisor" took us on a your of Big Cedar, which is a really beautiful place BUT it really makes me question why they are in bed with this company. We were there for over 4 hours!!

My husband was sick from not sleeping well the night before and I was just ready to leave but every time we had a concern they had a perfect answer to put us at ease and they got us to sign up and purchase 16,000 Every other year for $13K. Plus the maintenance and club fees each year. After we left we had a little buyers remorse but we justified it by kind of prepaying for our future family vacations. They really bank on the memories you will make with your family.

Sunday as were driving home we really start regretting the hasty decision to sign as they wouldn't give us a day or two to decide. It was now or never. The guy said even if you came back tomorrow I wouldn't sell it to you. Another big giant waving red flag we should have seen!

So my husband is driving and he tells me google and see if there are any reviews about the timeshare we had just bought into. Boy did I flip when I kept reading story after story of horrors stories and how people are stuck with paying for this thing that they can't even really use due to no availability or where and when you want to go like they claim. I also found where in Missiuri the law states you can rescind a contract such as that within 5 days after you sign it. First thing when we got home was typed up our letter and signed and dated it & got it sent via certified mail with return receipt the following day.

I contacted bluegreen and the lady I talked to was very friendly and said that was all I needed to do except send everything they gave you back or you will get charged! I did mention the credit card they made us put our down payment $3100 on and she said I had to call and cancel that separately through Barclay and even gave me the # for that. They gave us a Samsung Tablet that they make sound like it's a gift but actually in the contract it says it's included in the purchase price. I had to send that separately via certified mail with insurance.

They also gave us a tote bag with an RCI book and other pamphlets and the lady on the phone said that needed to be sent too which I didn't even think of so glad she said something. I ended up spending about $45 mailing it all but it's totally worth it because I feel like we dodged a huge bullet that would have cost us thousands!!! I don't want to owe those people anything!

I feel we were put on high pressure to make a huge commitment financially. I am just thanking God that there are laws out there that do protect people to get out of things like this as long as you do it within the rescission period per that state law.

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Ozark, Missouri, United States #906908

I go to the Church of the preacher. Its called Journey Church in Springfield, MO.

He does great things and so does the company he works for. Shame on you...

to Anonymous #1576717

Well fake person, he id using the same story 4 years later, starting a church. Scammrs

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