Branson, Missouri

We have paid on this timeshare for years and never been able to use it. Every time we call to book, they do not have availability.

I was even told by a representative on the phone that she was sorry, they had oversold and were trying to fix the situation. I have called the 11 months in advance and nothing. We have called and asked to give back the property but of course the answer was NO.

I am so frustrated and don't know what to do at this point. I hate to ruin my credit, but how the heck do you get out of this totally useless "piece of property".

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This scarlettt2014 is a bluegreen sales rep

to truthteller #851027

False......along with your advertising as a truthteller...

I'm a retired teacher who got sick and tired of reading all the negative things about Bluegreen, when my experience has been the opposite..

I also have a group of hundreds of members who also love their Bluegreen...

To tell the truth, it's a shame you'll never be one of them, apparently.


I've owned since 2006 and never had a problem, and personally know hundreds of others just like me.

They do not oversell.

Feel free to contact me, to take the steps to learn how to use what you chose to purchase.

I am a school teacher, so perhaps I can teach you a thing or two..

to scarlettt2014 #849901

What can you tell so called intelligent blue green lover? you will give a big lecture on how to book?

do you think we are *** to not understand? Even i had the same problem, never able to book a vacation. Every bit of complaints here are true.

Blue green should be sued and put out of business. Everyone there should go to jail.

to tom #849922

Obviously I am an intelligent Bluegreen lover...There is NO reason for you to be unable to book a vacation 11 months out...Where is it you are trying to go ?

You obviously need to join the group on Yahoo so over 4,000 members there can set you straight..


There is no excuse for this. Branson is not doing that well; Southwest has stopped flying there. Put together some documentation for one of the attorneys advertised on this same page.

to pulltype #838142

Branson is not doing well ?

Looked like it was doing just fine when we were there over the 4th of July.

We had a great time, meeting up with 50 other happy Bluegreen owners !

to scarlettt2014 #849905

i checked 4 complaints and see multiple comments from you and you already mentioned 5 different vacations in the last 2 months!!!!! so, your job is to vacation, is it????

to scarlett s***er #849926

Scarlett scraper...I LIKE must have difficulty counting, because I never mentioned having been on 5 vacations in the last two months..

I do have someone you COULD contact though...who vacations at Bluegreen resorts ALL the time...His name is Andy Lake.....want his email ? He'll be happy to clue you in...

Or better yet, join the Yahoo group....and folks that vacation far more than I do, because they have more points, can make you eat humble pie..

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