Woodbridge, Connecticut

i feel sorry for all you bluegreen owners out there, i to am a so called owner but have the same problems you have. i have not been able to get a reservation for 3 years and i have had it. i filed suit in taney county missouri, (branson). we are in the discovery stages. if any one would like to help me with this case i would love to have you tell your story to the jury. my home phone is 417 264 2240. if you are interested and live in the area or any where for that matter,and want to file suit my lawyer will take you on a individual bases. it really the only thing that you can do unless you want to pay these crooks for the rest of you life.

yours truly

mj rhoades

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Fairfield, Illinois, United States #923085

We had a bad experience with Bluegreen, Wilderness Club and Big Cedar. In their sales pitch they bold face lied, noted false info on back of presentation documents, refused to honor promises.

These people are a den of theives from the top of the orginazation to the bottom. That includes bass pro, Jonny Morris and all of the people protecting them.


I am associated with a company that helps people get rid of their timeshares. The site can be viewed at www.donewithtime.com.

We dont sell timeshares, you wont or get any money for them. We just relieve you of all future financial obligation.

We have been in business for 11 years giving timeshare owners some relief from the trap that they get themselves caught in. Our office number is 417-334-0892 if you have any questions.


I have been an owner for 7 yrs and have 35K points. Works great for me, but I do not try to go to Myrtle Beach in the summer; too busy. I do go to the Boyne resort in summer and winter, and try to get to Myrtle Beach in April or May. I also really like Seabreeze in Daytona Beach, and try to get there in the late fall.

If I paid developer prices and financed that purchase at 18% interest, was restricted to only go on vacation in the middle of the summer,and couldn't pre plan 6-11 months out , I might be frustrated too with this program, in all fairness. If you like to stay in nice two bedroom condos with full kitchen, in resort settings, for about $20-40 per night, this program is a dream.

I think of this product like I do a credit card. One person uses the card, makes the minimum pmt, pays late, and pays 3K in interest, and hates the card. The next person has the same card, pays it off on time every month, collects his rewards for using it, and loves the card. Same card!


we have owned for 5 years. Our family has been to big cedar tons of time, including on bonus time, including july 4th, aruba, rci exchange.

if you don't know how to use the system, go in for an owner update. If you want to be at a resort during a holiday, just book ahead...

but i will tell you, that it is very, very busy at big cedar on july 4th. but i guess every great vacation spot is during that holiday.

Lord Mankinholes
Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #86912

well futurevactioner

why do you think I comment ?

its because most of the complaints are not related to the BG vacation club and its resorts.

They are mainly about the freebies that some of you seem to see as being the most important part of the exercise.

If people just sat back and thought about what they were buing and asked themselves is timeshare for me then most of these complaints would not see the light of day.

Far to often they cloud the judgement and put doubt into the minds of people who are interested and you admit yourself it as put doubt in your mind.

If you want more information on how things work just dont take my word join the Bluegreen group on Yahoo (around 1600 members who are happy owners)

and one last thing could Bluegreen give you herpes as one complaint says .... I ask you


Mankinholes must be a Bluegreen employee. That or he is obsessed with blogs.

He has commented on all bluegreen complaints since January of this year possibly before.

I hope not all bluegreen experiences are bad because we are going to Pigeon Forge later this month.


Time-Share means book in time as you must share.i know it is frustrating but the 11 month rule usually works and if you are in the superier level you have a view more mths added on.Now i totally agree who can plan a head like that and be able to keep it. but big cedar is an amazing resort at high request.

i don't want to get into great detail but it is hard to get into and for many reasons that i feel not fare to all owners.te above message sounds like it is a bluegreen associate giving you that advise.because it worded the bg way lol.I know who you are.ok good luck and sorry you hhave to deal wit this. if it means anything to you they treated us no different.


i am a blugreen owner. i haven't had a problem yet.

i don't have a lot of points so i understand i have to be flexible. we've gone to 3 places,(two in TN, one in myrtle beach.) and have been happy every time.

read and understand what you own, and learn how best to use it. i'm still happy with my purchase.

Lord Mankinholes
Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #76135

Sorry but Why cant you get a reservation?

All owners can make a reservation at the 11 month out stage and if you need a specific date that is what you need to do.

I have never had a problem getting the reservation I have requested.

Have you tried to make a reservation yourself online?

What dates have you tried and at what stage have you tried to make your reservation?

Any peak/holday dates then you need to make your reservation at 11 months any off peak and you will find a lot of availbilty.

How many points do you have ?

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