Usually you get what you pay for but that is really tough at Bluegreen. Tried to book a room at the Bluegreen in Atlantic city and was told there is no availability, go on hotels.com and can book it there.

The lame excuse from Bluegreen is that those rooms were never sold to owners so they are rented out, and not available to Bluegreen Club owners. Using your vacation club is like a shell game, hard to find!

It was a big mistake on my part to buy into this. going to figure how I can cut my losses and get out of this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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we are new bluegreen owners and are completely frustrated. They gave us a developers week as part of the perks of signing.

So far we've been on the phone with them a bazillion times and are pretty sure they have made it so that we can never use the bloody thing. We checked out some of the nice vacation options and looked as far out as we can for Hawaii, for instance, and there is ZERO availability. So it is booked up before we are even allowed to reserve it?! Same for a resort in Colorado (needed to go to Colorado for a couple weeks this year and was part of the reason we bought the timeshare) and everything is booked (they said it gets booked up 3 years in advance) WTF?!

So we can never go there? EVER?! I'm about ready to report to the BBB and tell everyone BEWARE because everything the told us when signing (you can use your developers week anywhere in the world! It's soooooOOOoooo great!

Sure you can use it in Colorado" OOPS can't use in Colorado is printed right on the certificate). FRAUD FRAUD.

BAIT AND SWITCH! What other terms do I need to throw out herE?


The trick is to plan your calendar at the beginning of the year and schedule any trips ASAP. There are a lot of owners out here in internet land, and we all want to get away!


Bluegreen told you the truth, if those units have not be sold by Bluegreen they cannot become part of the Bluegreen Vacation Club.

It is that simple they belong to Bluegreen the developer and not the Vacation club, they rent them out in the same way as you can rent out your reservation

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