Just want people to read the contract completly before signing up for purchasing bluegreen vacation points. What the sales people tell you, lies, and what the contract state are two different things.

Hard to make reservations, they then try to get you to buy more points so it will be easier to make reservations. The sales people tell you to make bonus time reservations and then sell them to make money WRONG you can't sell bonus time reservations just trying to get you to buy more points.

Don't fall for their high pressure sales. Their maintenence fees keep going up but tht was one of the questions I asked before purchasing and the sales person said that they have been going down because of the amount of new customers that have been signing up for the program.

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Well here you are again UK.........have several of my students doing some great research into your scam. BTW Cheryl.....they don't hire educated people.


Cheryl I would think you just hit the nail on the head she is not an owner she knows nothing about it (or so she says lol)

It just comes down to reading what you sign and being big enough to take responsibilty for your action


Hey uk have u ever thought HC is either the competition or a disgruntled employee. Just bought sampler and consider myself smart enough to read black and white.

But u 2are just .......

Lucygray I like what u have to say... Will get back to u ......


There is a saying, this society has reduced itself to being a population that signs contracts they do not read for things they do not need with money they do not have. It is very true.

I love my company but guys read what you sign and buy then there would be far less complaints and far less people who feel they're being duped. You're not, you just have to read what you buy, its all there. When I sell, I make sure they know what they are getting and they understand it,all. I have many happy customers.

"Honest citizen", you are speaking of things you know nothing of on a first hand basis, you're assuming and it is unintelligent. Please stop. I'm a hardworking honest person who sells a good product. If you don't like it that is ok, I can't make you.

I don't want to try. However, you're very biased and untruthful statements hurt the reputation of a company that has been around for years and hurt hardworking people as well. Just because you don't like it doesn't make it a scam, just because someone doesn't read the contract they sign doesn't mean they were tricked. It means they need to read, ask questions.

I encourage it. I would rather have no sale than have someone buy who regrets it. For one thing I feel awful about that, second of it here us sales alerts which can cause us to lose our job. If we get three sales alerts we are fired.

Do not speak of something you know not of. I am not *** and neither is my company. You are being misleading and defamatory. Not to mention cruel to all the hardworking sales people.

I sell a good product, you don't like it or want it fine but don't call us lying scumbags. We aren't all good but most of us are honest good people. To let you know, I'm not getting paid which is what I'm sure you're going to say.

Because you're knowledge of my job is severely lacking. I am standing up for what I believe in, not for the money but I believe one should stand up and say this is wrong.


Thanks for the advice... but everyone should always read every contract before they sign it. Maybe even have your lawyer read it over.


Keep fighting people.... These scumbags need to be stopped.

Some people are so honest and trusting. That is a good trait but one that BG preys upon.

Send letters to Bass Pro and your Attorney General. The reputable people in country have the power to stop these scumbags.


I would never lower myself to go to a BG presentation....but many helpless citizens are pressured into this...and then take abuse similar to the abuse that you post here....wrong....wrong ....wrong. I can't be intimidated....I can help to keep American citizens safe.


HC1263 or shall we say Honest citizen.

You have been busy considering you have never been to a BG presentaion or a resort you sure do have a lot to say

I have to say again (this must be the 4th or 5th comment you have made in as many mins)



I know what I am talking about, you my friend are just full of bullsh*t and your own importance which may fool some but those with more than one little grey brain cell can see right through you.

I may be wrong may be you truly want to be an owner and enjoy many many high quality but inexpensive holidays but you just do not have the money to do so.

Please dont knock and poke fun at people when you know nothing about the product they are commenting on ....... it just shows you how silly and *** you must be in your everyday life.

I have to feel sorry for you, but then you have given my a laugh to brighten up my day lol


Bill and UK are the same person.......please beware....and do not be intimidated by the reputation defenders. 5QURc


Honest citizen, many of these complaints are total false and are completely wrong , every owner does have the same contract it is just that the happy owners understood what they were getting themselves into.

Remember that each story has two sides to it so please do not think the all happy owners either work for BG or some defender company

Also remeber that those so called defenders are also trying to protect general public by telling them the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, they are the ones who know how the system works and I can asure you that it does .


It appears that responses to these legitimate complaints are being written by "reputation defenders" or "cleaners. They appear on all sites where citizens are merely trying to protect the general public.


at last sombody who understands that you must read what you sign

yes the salespeople are stranges to the truth and the old saying is tru .... how do you know a salesperson lies, they open their mouth.

found out the positive sides as well as the negative and then you will understand why there are a great deal more happy owners than unhappy ones.

but it is up to you to take responsibilty for your actions and reading what you sign is the most important

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