My wife and I got sucked into this scam. West threw 3 1/2 hrs .

I knew this was no good. If its such a great deal why do you have to buy that day. It's no better than the old timeshare programs. Just listening to their bs anyone should know not to buy.

So glad we saw threw their lies!!!! Can't be pissed we walked away!! Dustin seemed nice but caught him with some bs lines. The other guy acting like a big shot telling bs stories about his travels.

Stay away!! We are throwing out all the "free" gifts!

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Mishawaka, Indiana, United States #825124

My family, including my adult kids LOVE our Bluegreen...for the record..

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #764996

Had the same thing happen to me. They lead you in telling you no pressure but they don't give you the gifts until they pressure you into buying. What a scam, very unhappy.

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