Chicago, Illinois

we went to a sales presentation thru the bass pro shop offer. They put us up in a crummy motel in the next town.

The sales pitch was hi pressure and we ended up buying the sampler pkg that they stated was good for a year - NOT! we told them we are educators and we only travel in the summer.

After we had purchased this we found out that we could only use it until the following may (we purchased in aug.) When we called to book almost everything was filled plus they put resorts in our sampler book that they suddenly had taken out and were not available. We are so glad we did not fully commit to this company.

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We purchased 2003. At that time our maint.

fee was $250. Now it is $965. We can never get a reservation when we need it. The rules for reservations constantly change.

Do some reading before you buy this!

You can call any timeshare selling company and rent any type of condo cheaper than you can afford this with all the fees, taxes and untrue claims they make each time you call them. We put our 15,000 points up for sale today, vowing never to get involved with this type of thing again!

Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #52663

Well it serves you right you greedy good for nothing scroungers


Well we stayed at one in Myrtle Beach,SC. It was one of the resorts they own.

We went there because one of our friends actually owns property through them. The sales pitch wasn't to pushy. The only reason we went is because they offered a free weekend at one of their resorts.

Well we got the money sent out to get our free weekend and every weekend we picked was booked. We've selected MANY different weekends & right now it's almost expired so it doesn't look as if we'll be using our "free weekend" we were "giving" in order to sit through that ***!!

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