Pensacola, Florida
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Blue Green gave me *** herpies. I was sleeping in one of their beds and I woke up feeling a wet creamy feeling in my butt.

The next night, it happened again. And to top it off, I had *** on my *** I don't understand how this happened. I called the front desk and some Turkish guy answered, hi sweety. I hung up and I jizzed all over the pillows to get even with them.

I just hope you don't get the same pillows. Once I got home I went to see the doctor and the doctor said my *** was covered in herpies blisters.

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I am a nurse.this resort nor it's bedding gave you need to talk with the people you have been sleeping with over the past 6 months.I do hope someone from b/g reads this and gets rid of the beds!


that's hillarious

Jet, Oklahoma, United States #59569

You are a pedigree ***. Please let people with serious complaints post here.

Simpson, England, United Kingdom #53654

Since transmission is caused by close oral, anal, or genital contact, including intercourse, masturbation, kissing, or any direct skin-to-skin contact which allows for the transfer of bodily fluids.

You didn't get this off a bed and it takes 2 to 12 days to show any sort of symptons after the infection has been introduced to your body, so you didn't just wake up one night from sleeping in this bed with sores on your wanger.

Your story is a lie, the resort ought to sue you for harming their business and in fact I am going to see if I can find this place if it really exists and send them your note and I hope they track you down and sue you

Then doing what you did when you left shows you are a true class act and nothing but trash-You should be arrested because what you did is illegal.

And to think this country is full of zipperheads like you is truly a scary thing

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