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After staying at The Suites at Hershey for many years, I am sad to report a very disturbing experience. Many months ago I booked our Thanksgiving trip for my family, which includes a disabled person.

I called the toll free #, as I have done in prior years and specifically requested a specific building and floor so my father could easily get to the pool to swim with my young son - he is a disabled war veteran who has significant difficultly walking. Yes, I was told they don't "guarantee" specific rooms- but booking far in advance for a specific reason should have helped in some way. Upon check in we were put in a completely different building - an even harder building to access and were told "sorry" there's nothing we can do. I explained the situation to two women at the Front Desk who basically did nothing except say "sorry" we have no other rooms.

I immediately called Rental Customer Service and spoke to Joshua - who told me the same thing over and over "we don't guarantee rooms and I am sure you were told that when you booked" - "we can't help you, talk to the front desk" - clearly customer service training is lacking at Blue Green Corporate. Basically what Joshua told me - and he told me to feel free to post this on-line (in fact he said post anything you want) - is that Blue Green can't "guarantee" any accomodations for disabled people - other then the mandatory handicapped parking space. If you and your entire party are able bodied its a great place to stay - but for disabled accomodations forget it - their policy is clear- we don't guarantee any accomodation. I am sure there is an ADA violation somewhere and I intend to formally complain to a higher level.

The failure to accomodate a disabled veteran won't sit well with us and I hope it wouldn't with anyone reading this post.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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Lake Wales, Florida, United States #840201

By law FEDERAL LAW 5% of of an establishment's rooms must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act better known as the A.D.A. . If the cannot accommodate they have to let you know when you book a reservation.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #592729

I use Vsi. Much better program

Rockledge, Florida, United States #572714

It seems like Hersehy Blue Green is a good place to stay away from. They do not deserve the publics business and do't give a ***.

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