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So, I filled out this random door prize entry thing for many different prizes (including Blue-green) at a local show in Maryland back a couple weeks ago. Blue-green called me tonight to tell me that I was a winner amongst the thousands of people that submitted an application for the drawing. Okay, that kind of hooked me. Then as they went on and on about this awesome vacation deal ($199 for the first and second people, and then free for the third to fifth persons) to 25 different locations, one of them being Nashville.

But it was when they started asking for my credit card over the phone did I get skeptical. The man insisted that everything would be okay to the point that I started believing him (and, trust me, that's hard to do!). He transferred me to the "legal department", where the guy asked for my card number. When he put me on hold though, I went online and did a search. So, I guess in a way, I owe a thanks to everyone on this site here. I found the Attorney General case file in PA against this company. Hershey and the other mentioned places aren't that far away from me, just a few hours, so it wasn't surprising to find this after all.

When the gentleman returned, I told him that I wanted to back out and cancel it all. He proceeded to tell me that a $199 charge had already hit my card and that it was too late to back out. I told him that I had looked online and found a few sites, and he said:

"Well, anyone can post anything online"

I brought up the attorney general case, then persisted on having that charge put back on my card. He responded with a way more than "FINE!!!" and hung up the phone.

Needless to say, I probably busted his sales quota.

I am curious though, how many people have been hit with this? And do you think that I should call the festival that I entered this drawing in to warn them about this company?

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Deal.

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anyone have a number to reach them? of course no one answers

Lord Mankinholes
Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #86473


you are right its telemarketing,nothing in life is free there is always a price to pay !!!

It's the oldest trick in the book, all you have to ask them to do is to send the "free" holiday tickets etc to your home address and you will be waiting to doomsday.

Anyone who googles Bluegreen knows that it is a timeshare company, they dont hide the fact since that is their business.



I am not sure if you understand how the calls come about. I went to a cancer walk and their was a DRAWING for a free vacation and the yound ladies walked around to people in the park and asked if they would be interested in winning a free vacation. My point is when we willed out the paper for the drawing there was no fine print it was a small piece of paper asking for specific information and that is it. Quite naturally not many people want to pass up a possibility to win a free trip and it does not cost anything for the entry. It is not until they call you that you receive the heart of what it is you so called won. It is telemarketing and that is the bottom line.

On another note there are some legitimate promotions that give away free things. You just have to do your research.


I have to just say i have received many calls like this asking me is it ligit and more times than others it is not ligit. bluegreen doe's not own a resort in nashville not under there name unless it is an RCI resort.but i always had advised owners to call us first before giving any credit card info can dispute the charge with your cc company. goodluck..Lord Macinholes you are on all the comments i feel i once worked with you at BG.

Lord Mankinholes
Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #78408

by the way *** in my previous post is the short name for Richard begining with D


Lord Mankinholes
Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #78407

Come on were you born yesterday.

A vacation at that kind of price and no strings attached, I have lost count of the number of comps I have entered and low and behold found out I have won.

People want something for nothing and some realy do think that they will get all these "free" gifts, yes you mention the Atorney General but how many of these people who complain read the small print ---- its all listed but nobody takes the time to read it and then they shout scam

Who in their right mind gives out their credit card details to any Tom *** or Harry who phones them up to say they have won a prize in a comp.

Did you not think to ask "since I have won the vacation please send all the details to the address on the entry form"

Maybe YOU should read a little bit more before entering these comps.

maybe you should engage your brain before giving out your credit card details.

A lot of these comments on here are silly (I could have used *** but thats a little to much) nothing in life is free , if it sounds to good to be true then it is and if its not in writing then you have no chance and last but not least how can Bluegreen give anybody Herpes .... I ask you

Go on your cheap vacation and go to the presentation, it may just fit in with your lifestyle ... if you dont go you will never know


@Lord Mankinholes Boy, you didn't read this well. One, it was an enter-all contest.

I was mainly entering in for the other offered gift cards. And, it wasn't for a timeshare, it was for a vacation. And, it wasn't for the silly comments on here.

Like I pointed on the original post, it was an attorney general case in PA. I hardly believe that's hardly a "silly comment."

Why don't you read a bit more instead of skimming next time you decide to comment, eh?

Lord Mankinholes
Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #78174

well skeptic your homework sends you to the bottom of the class


I smelled a rat from the beginning. Need I say more? Thanks disputed, I did my homework also!

Lord Mankinholes
Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #78091

Come on its the oldest sales ploy in the book, you have entered a comp and won, if I had a penny for every time I have heard that I would be a rich man.

The question you should ask yourself is "Do I want to buy a Points based Timeshare" if no then why did you enter if yes then go and find out the imformation for yourself.

The Bluegreen Vacation Club is not a scam and we have had many ,many cheap and good holidays out of it.

What you have to remember that it is a timeshare and if that does not fit with your lifestyle then don't buy into it.

Just remember a lot on here went just for the freebies with no interest in the product, bought it because they lost the use of there legs and could not get up and walk away, or were unable to say no thank you.

If you are looking to buy a Timeshare then look into the other side of the coin and not just into these silly comments on here made by people who do not understand what they sign for in the first place.

Remember also these people not only signed the contract but also signed to say they understood everything they had been told.

Again if you want a timeshare go for it if you dont then please dont just follow the other sheep and go for the freebies, nothing in life is free

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