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I have been an owner for ten years. I thin anyone who thinks they are lying should really just read.

You know when your booking the vacation there is going to be a timeshare. You know when you buy your buying a SHARE your not buying the whole house. You know you have to maintain your house and you know as well as I do your not buying to rent. USE COMMON SENSE.

They don't lie, you just choose to assume what you guys want. Blue Green has been great to our family and friends for years.

Wise up, grow up, wake up! and go on vacation...

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Monetary Loss: $15000.

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I have been an owner since 2002. I agree that you are not told every thing upfront and recording the sales presentation is an excellent idea.

Dont buy based on the extraneous offerings but buy based on using the points every year. I am still a satisfied bluegreen owner but am starting to get concerned with the increasing maintenance fees.


Mr. Mateo, I would disagree that you don't get lied to by the Blu Green sales staff.

I have been through 4 different sales presentations and in each one the sales rep either out right lied or did not tell the complete truth. Each time I was given "bonus points" and RCI Free weeks. What wasn't told to me was that both were restricted. I wans't given them until the next day to be able to read them.

When I originally bought with Blue Green, I bought 16,000 points every 2 years. I was told by the sales rep that the points were unrestricted for each of the 2 yrs which is not correct. This is just one of many such lies I have been told. The Blue Green plan is a good one and could be sold wihtout the lies and gimmicks.

I have owned for 3 yrs and have enjoyed using my now 11,000 annual points. My best suggestion is to make sure that everything is put in writting that your sales rep tells you and a digital recorded put on the table in front of them helps.

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