Tougaloo, Mississippi

My husband and I purchased a $99 package from Bass Pro Shop through Blue Green thinking we were going to be staying in a resort. After arriving in Pigeon Forge and recieving the hotel information, we were very disappointed.

The hotel was a rinky *** hotel that we wouldn't allow our dogs to stay in. After telling the representatives of Blue Green, they acted as if they were surprised or didn't know about the hotel condition. Blue Green is a big liar and please don't purchase a $99 package from Bass pro shop, it's not worth it. The representatives are well aware of the hotel conditions and all they are interested in is making money.

The representatives are low down and very dishonest and they all are going to rot in *** for a dollar bill. What profit a man to gain this world and lose his soul?

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Butler, Pennsylvania, United States #634780

What hotel brand was it? I'm curious....


I work at Bluegreen so I hear this *** from time to time. We tell customers they are staying in a HOTEL that is similar to Hilton Garden Inn or Radisson as we have multiple partners we use in different locations.

What really chaps my *** is that you people *** *** *** about not staying at the Ritz when you're actaully not spending any money on your trip, and in most cases we pay you to travel. $99 minus $25 VISA P.O.S. minus $75 for the tour EQUALS FREE PEOPLE!!!

Duh! quit your *** or spend $200 a night on your own!!


I used to be one of the reps that sold the then $49 packages. We lured people in by offering a chance to win a boat at Bass Pro.

I did not lie to people and I sold many packages. Most liked their experience, some did not. The one thing I learned is most everyone was willing to put very personal information down to win the boat. It did not matter that it said we would sell the info.

People heard what they wanted to hear. Oddly, the more money a person made, the more likely they were to hear what they wanted to hear and they were the ones to divulge the most information. It has been a while since I was a sales rep for BG but it truly was one of the best jobs I have ever had. People you cannot blame others if you do not read the print or do your homework.

You know you are going on a time share presentation.

Read up before you go. BlueGreen only owes you what you sign for and nothing more.


I just stayed with my family in a Yurt at Shenandoah Crossing, VA.

The Yurt was great, but a little noiser than I anticipated. I was disappointed that about a third of the lights on the walkway in were out. It made for a dark walk. The first night, our lock didn't work so I called the front desk for help. After a 5 minute lecture on sensitive key cards, they dispatched a mx man. We watched him drive past several times, he couldn't see us in the dark. and he didn't have a map. We finally waved him down and and he came to our assistance. He didn't have a flash light, but I did. He installed some batteries and after 45 minutes we were in.

The next day the same thing happened. Again I got the key card lecture. The mx man were surprised at the old, used batteries that were previously installed.

We were across from the pool complex. It was great, except no kiddie pool. All the pools were over 4' deep. We had small kids. There was a kiddie pool at the clubhouse 1 mile away.

The restaurant at the club was great. Good food and service at reasonable prices.

The minature golf course was poorly maintained, poorly lit, and dangerous. Not a place for kids.

The sales pitch wasn't high pressure, but longer than 3 hrs. We did not buy.

It was a good experience, but we won't do it again!!!


Hello all, I hope my experince can help some of you. Bluegreen is not for everybody but me and my wife like it, and here is why.

I too won a free vacation from bass pro, well we all know nothing is free right. I paid $99 and went to pigeon forge, like you all it was a older bit rundown hotel, but country folks like us what the ***. Sat through the presitation and I was not sold but my wife was because of manely of the cruises. (Keep in mind as a child I never vacationed so it didn't mean a lot to me, my wife though her family went somewhere every year.) So we purchased a sampler packed just to hold all the extras they said we where offered that day that could not be offered again.

I got home and read all the horror stories on line and thought what a misstake I made. this was in march and in may my wife and mother-in-law came to me and said they wanted to go to mertle beach in two weeks. (Time to test the water!!!) I called Bluegreen and was able to get a room but not what we wanted, (kinda expected with 2 weeks notice)I called everyday for two weeks to see if they had any other opening. NOTHING!!

We were driving down and we live in WV so its a 9 hour drive. My wife says try again so I called and they had another opening at a diffrent resort two bedroom a=on the beach great they change or reservation and waved the $50 fee and we had a good time. While we were there we did buy into Bluegreen 6000 points every two years (smallest packege avalible) figured with unlimited bounus time don't need any more. The only problem I have to date is we found out bounus time can only be reserved 45 days in advance.

We do like the rest of it though. We have made plans for next year all ready gong back to beach and shannadougha valley, VA ( not spelled right I know), and have booked a cruise for my parents for there 37th anniversary.


absolutely a bunch of liars who are high pressure salesmen! Told us 90 minutes to sit thru a presentation and after 3 hours, we finally stood up and told them NO for the 10th time!

You can vacation a lot cheaper than this! Do the math an it will dawn on you what a rip off it truly is!


I would have to agree with your coment. we too purchased the bass pro pkg and the hotel they put us in was as you describe and was what was described in the sales pesentation as a reason not to stay in hotels.

secondly, the process took us 5 + hrs and we only had that day to do other things while in the area. I have since found out that everything was not disclosed and that my 'guaranteed' week is only fri, sat, sun even though we were told it was for a full week. so for $15,000 we are guaranteed 3 days of vacation time per year. Yes, we can book other locations but they are inferior, (Casa Del Mar in Ormond Beach) and not like the 'models' they let you tour that is supposed to show the quality of their resorts.

Not sure who the ones are critisizing you for speaking your mind but they must be sales people. Otherwise, they wouldn't be so passionate in their responses.


Bluegreen and Bass Pro are sending people on some great get aways and a *** of a deal. Think about it, you can choose from 9 differant places for $99.

I went to Boyne Falls and I stayed in a 5 star resort. Then I got back $100 in gift cards to use at Bass Pro.No one tried to force me to by a time share and I had a great time.

Take advantage of this if you can, and don't listen to these cry babies complaining on the net. If you doo you will miss out on one of the best travel deals ever!


I'm glad to see others telling this clown where to get off. As many times as I have been to Pigeon Forge, I really enjoyed staying for free, and even added a night.

The Motel was sufficient. How much time do you spend there anyway. We bought a 9000 point sampler and have enjoyed 2 trips to St.Augustine, and will be fishing Table Rock Lake near Branson,MO in about 2 months.

The saleswoman was terrific. I even stopped in and left her a thank you note on our way out.

Please don't hesitate to give them a try!!

Jet, Oklahoma, United States #179419

wow i am so glad i didnt take ur advice. I can honestly say i read these critiques and got a little horrified of bluegreen, but a couple we know went ont he $99 deal vacation and said it was great!

I thankfully trusted their words, and my husband and I had teh times of our live4s! we went on a random weekend to just spend tiem together and enjoy the beautiful ammenities it had to offer!


I was just at the Bluegreen resort in Pigeon Forge - it was first rate! $99 for how many nights? even just 1 night is a deal!


O MY GOD, you must me a freakin ***. have u heard of the hundreds of similar companies with truly bad practices?

Blue Green my dear gave u a great deal for a cheap room... That's what you got. What would anyone really expect for $99?

I've worked in some tiny properties with several timeshare organizations and even our worst competitors in a standard HOTEL/MOTEL in Myrtle Beach would have charged you $125-250 a night... They did nothing wrong, I on the other hand would have been happy to send you to a real Dump...

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