I had purchased a package through Blue Green Mountain Resort at a Bass Pro Outlet back in early May for $49.99. They made it sound so great and showed me several areas in the Dells that my family and I could vacation.

Some of the hotels were nice, but not as nice as others. They told me for an additional $50.00 I could upgrade to a nicer hotel when I call to make reservations, so I did just that, a week after I purchased the original $49.00 pkg. Upon calling, they upgraded me to a "nicer" hotel/water/theme park and later sent me a confirmation letter with conf. # and dates of arrival and departure, etc.

I called several times between May and August to confirm the dates/times/hotel, and each time the person on the other end from Bluegreen confirmed everything on the letter. Imagine my surprise when I load my family up (after 4 months of talking about how much fun we were going to have at this hotel/waterpark/theme park), and we arrive to check-in at the Information Center and are told that we were bumped from that resort to a different resort, which is a step-down from the one we were supposed to stay at. I was never informed of this change, but she said she would make it right because she would give me waterpark passes to the park, but that we could not stay at the resort because they overbooked rooms the week prior. Not knowing what to do, I thought how bad could the other resort be, plus they are trying to make it right by giving us waterpark passes at the resort for the time we are there?!

So, we head over to the other "step-down" hotel and get in the parking lot, holy cow, I would not let my dog stay there. It looked like a ghost town! My kids faces said it all and they looked so sad and said "this is where we are staying?" The waterpark looked shut down and there were no cars in the entire parking lot. We drove back without even trying to check in and demanded a cancellation of everything and all paperwork including the time-share presentation we were supposed to attend the next morning at 8:30.

She said we want our waterpark tickets back and you will have to pay a $75.00 cancellation fee in order to not be charged the whole price of the package and room charges. Are they nuts? I just paid for the package back in May plus the upgrade, they messed up my reservations big time, and now they wanted me to pay $75 to cancel?! I WILL never ever deal with Bluegreen again, and I will make sure that everyone knows the HORRIBLE experience my family & I had with them.

By the way, when I went back in to complain, the one sales lady said "I'm not trying to be rude, but we have nothing to do with the place that booked your reservations (apparently they just check people in and work for the actual time share resort) and there are people here in our lobby, so if you don't mind taking this to a side room." I think not! Other people needed to hear what was done to us, so maybe they would reconsider and not get screwed! One more thing, after I cancelled everything, the girl at the front desk said she would call the "step-down" resort and let them know we were unable to come and therefore would not be showing up. Guess what?

That resort did not even have us down as staying with them either! Talk about a confusing mess! I should have known better. I will NEVER trust another timeshare scam or be suckered in again or have anything to do with BLUEGREEN RESORTS.

STAY AWAY AND spend extra money for your family to make sure you get a quality vacation. By the way, we ended up getting 2 nights at the Wilderness Resort (after finding out we had nowhere to stay), and we had an awesome time there. That is a real resort. You may pay more, but you definitely get a "classy" resort with honest employees who are not trying to rip you off.

I would question the people who work for Blue Mountain or anybody that works at the Information Center/Visitor Center regarding their morales and honest work ethics.

I hope this saves another family some grief and stress of ever having to experience what we did.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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I don't have a complaint yet but after reading all of this im worried. Does anyone have email contact info for bluegreen.

Checking account supposed to be drafted on the 30the of this month and I haven't confirmed or completely closed the deal for the 200.00 trip. My phone died about half way through their standard procedures.

Any suggestions. Oh btw, Ive tried the website and it will NOT load.


i signed up for this in portage iniana and we stayed at the christmas mountain lodges. the kids had a blast at the water and theme park!

the lodge was very comfotable and had everything we needed. we did go to the meeting the next morning which was a waste of time but you really cant complain about the price.

we are planning another trip there this year with blue green. we just wont buy the time share deal...

:cry Got. Ripped. Off too

Why have you just copied and pasted ?

just read my comment on your other rant


It all started on a trip to Bass Pro Shops in Portage, IN. We were approached by a young lady offering this fantastic deal of staying at Christmas Mountain for a mere $99 plus additional fee for the fifth child.

She showed us pictures of the villas that looked great. My wife kept asking "This is where we would be staying?" She assured us over and over again. I asked what the catch was and she said you would have to sit through a short, 2 hour presentation about Bluegreen timeshares. Well we did it.

When I called to book the stay, every question I asked I was given a vague answer. Questions such as, what am I going to have to pay when I arrive? Response, well taxes are different every where so I can't tell you for sure. Can you give me the cabin number, address?

You will be sent a confirmation letter in the mail with the information. Confirmation letter came and it said to check in at the Christmas Mountain Welcome Center. Ok, so we are staying at Christmas Mountain, right? Wrong!!!!

You're staying at the Hotel Rome. What???? I will admit, the hotel was nothing worth mentioning, however, by staying there we got free passes to the indoor water park and indoor theme park. The room they gave us for five people included two double beds, that's it.

Rollaway bed would be an additional $10 a night. Also, those fees and charges I asked about when I booked it, found out I owed an additional resort fee of $10 a night, plus an additional fee of $20 a night for the fifth person. The $20 did get an additional waterpark pass, but no bed, who needs to sleep anyway? The presentation was high pressure even though they tell you they're not being high pressure.

We got there at 11:45 and were finally allowed to leave at 3:30 after saying no countess times. Two hours, not quite. When I explained to them the situation, they acted stunned, and said, all the conversations at taped on the phone. Where I was lied to mostly was at the Bass Pro Shops store not over the phone.

Did we have fun at the water park? Yes. Did the kids have a fun weekend trip? Yes.

Did we sleep well? No.

Had I known what the trip involved upfront would I do it again? No, I guess that's why they're not upfront with you, nobody would sign up for it.


Bluegreen has some of the lowest mf in the industry


We unfortunately got sucked into this as well. Paying exorbitant maintenance fees.

Would gladly just give it up but Blue-Green says we can't get out of the contract (they will put a lien on our house). Nice!

Wish we had never gone. The free stuff is certainly not worth listening to the "show"


yall act like everything u do is right...everything in life has a consequence.i f you drink ..liver issues, smoke lung it is just life dang


Oh yeahh.. fro the lady with the extra long complaint....i am sorry u didnt enjoy it orginally..but u still ended up enjoying a BLUEGREEN RESORT...the wilderness club is owned by the company....

but please dont let one bad experience ruin your ideas on saving some money by using these type of vacations..some may run your credit in the beginning and some may keep u all day but PEOPLE READ YOUR FINE PRINT!!! all of your problems will be answered like that ... GOD BLESS U ALL... We all have some type of a job to do, and we all dont do the ''best of it all''.

I mean i thank the military for defending our country..

but i dont bielieve in guns and war..I love fast food but dont eat it because i got food poisoned at Sonic's last year.. we all have some type of job we do...


if you pay for a hotel package...then expect a HOTEL....Dont take your anger out on someone who is just doing there job...those who sell the getaways dont really know what to expect at the tour..but i can tell u guys this ...i sell ALOT of vacations and been with the company for a year .. I have only had one complaint in what i said but it was because the person wanted to go that same day..

and i told them they would have to call because i was not sure if it would be available..i tell my customers if they ask 25 questions they will give u 58 answers...so dont say a thing act like u speak another language and when they say '' do u wanna buy?'' so No...Nobody can make u do what U DON"T WANNA DO..

peole walk away from my both all the time i dont get mad.. its JUST NOT WHAT THEY AS THE CUSTOMER WANT!!!


Ok..I must say this..Today I got reamed at by an angry customer about our resorts..I actually work for this company..I'm not making excuses for anyone but i know when i actually go thru telling people about their stay..I don't lie.I am truly sorry for those reps that did lie to u from jump..Yes it is a vacation club..And Yes there may be some type of loop holes..that is with everything we do in life..I do tell people about the vacation club presentation.. 8 out of 10 do not buy..and if you did i hope you enjoy it just like the customers that come into my store and tell me how long they have been with us and if they enjoy it. I know Me Myself would not go anywhere where i was treated wrong..and we do have many people that do enjoy it..

I used to work at Bluegreen resort at Boyne Mountain. I ended up quitting because I have a conscience.

The whole timeshare industry is crooked as all ***. I saw it first hand at BG. I witnessed lies upon lies to people, the sales personal just laugh about it, and when people tried to call to cancel within the legal 3 day timeframe, they got the run around. I HATE that company and the *** who defraud people, including the elderly..

I wish I had never bought into them either. :sigh

I signed up at a festival to win an Orlando trip for 4. I won!

After being contacted by a sales Rep, a Manager got on the line named Chris L. He was so nice. He promised a getaway for 4 to Universal Theme Parks, a weekend getaway for 2 in 1 of 25 U.S. places and a mini-cruise to the Bahamas for 4.

All we had to do was pay the taxes (which he explained couldn\'t be waved for obvious reasons). I asked to be sent some literature or an email about the offer to read it over...he replied \"it\'s too good of an offer to wait, if we didn\'t want it, it won\'t be hard to get the next person accept it\". So we had to commit right then. After getting my email confirmation, I noticed we only got 2 7day park hopper passes.

I went to their website to see about the 25 places to choose from and their website was empty. It was just an address with no links to anything. The code entry box wouldn\'t except my code that I received either. I started to investigate.

After being promised I could use this vacation package \"anytime\", I saw in the fine print there were restrictions and blackout dates that apply. I also saw that the 25 place mini-getaway was with another company, not Great Vacation Destination (GVD). The literature that I received had no email or websites mentioned, only phone numbers to call...not a single picture. Then I read further and found out our 7 day stay was at a 3 star hotel not affiliated w/ the Theme Parks.

We weren\'t even staying at the actual Time Share. It was also mandatory to get permission to leave the presentation or we will get charged the entire week\'s stay at the 3-star hotel if we leave w/o permission. When I finally decided to cancel the entire package I was not contacted after calling for 5 hrs straight. When I finally talked to a manager, they insisted they would knock off $100 of the $500 \"TAX\" money.

Really? Now all of a suddent the TAX money is discounted??? She tried her hardest to keep me from cancelling but I was to prepared with all the fine print quotes I was reading to her...her reply was \"not all the fine print applies to you\"...I said \"what are you talking about, its in print!!...give me my refund now, I\'m not asking for anything from you, just give me back what is mine.

She got very rude and said it would take awhile. I told her I\'ll be watching my account.


I bought points and have some great stays. Im glad I didn't buy as much points as they were trying to sell me, but with more points come more perks.

They have given me bonus cash to spend at resort every time I stay.

Steer clear of ther high finance charges..I'm paying them but that's my fault and need to refinance it. Not dissapointed with the rooms and hospitality at all.


Folks..."KR" here is a Bluegreen Employee. No doubt about it.

Why in the *** would anyone that is "Happy" with BG bother to come to pissedconsumer.com and post a "Yeah...Bluegreen is Great!" Bull *** post????

They wouldn't. Please, see through the lie.


Just went through this vacation club presentation and was very impressed. Not a scam.

I got exactly what Bass Pro Shops offered for my preview. My wife and I went out to Vegas and spent three nights in a great room for around $160 for all three nights and I received my $100 in Bass Pro Shops gift cards as promised. Then we purchased a vacation package. The presentation lasted longer than the 120 minutes but that was mainly because unlike all of these "Pissed Off" people we asked questions and read everything before we agreed and signed the contracts.

The whole process took us about 6 hours and that again was due to us doing our homework. You can't compare timeshare points and BlueGreen points. They are not the same. It's like comparing Dollars and Euros.

BlueGreen customers have points for BlueGreen vacation resorts but when requesting a property from the RCI catalogue, RCI does not look at points, they simply deal with BG on what inventory they want to make the swap for the BG customer and the BG customer simply pays the fee and the BG points which are always based on unit size and never change unlike RCI points which change deoending on unit size and location. For example, when you own an RCI property your West Palm Beach, FL two bedroom timeshare may be worth 48,000 points. If a BG customer requests that rental it costs around $179 week and maybe 9,000 points. And BG exchanges rentals from it's inventory to make that transaction happen.

If you are an RCI customer and you have that same property and want to go to Hawaii in the same size unit, that RCI property in Hawaii which is worth more in the RCI inventory may be worth 108,000 points so you'll need 60,000 more points to make the swap plus you'll need to do all of the calling and swapping yourself-if you can.

That is just a quick explaination. I suggest that anyone interested do their homework and make an informed decision that isn't from someone who signed paperwork and agreed to stuff that they didn't understand or even try to understand.


To everyone who thinks Blue Green Is so great I will sell them my Time share at the Fountains in FL for 8000 points for $15000


I really dont understand why all these people are having trouble with bluegreen. I was an owner and had no problems.

Once they put us in a cabin that wasnt up to par, but when we complained, they moved us. My biggest problem with them was the maintenance fees.

East Olympia, Washington, United States #24134

I am glad I started looking for complaints. I was in theATL preview Center yesterday and this was my third time visting, they make the resorts look nice but I was a bit leery.

Of course after I said no the first time they acted like the opportunity would never present itself again but it did 2 more times. I was set to go in and pay the DP tomorrow but it felt wrong.I was told by a friend that Bluegreens properties sucked. So I decided to find some BBB and other complaints.

I want use this for vacationing and if ther is nothing available when I need it what\'s the points. As a matter of fact the DP required is the more than Disney Vacation Club\'s lowest package, looks like I will go with them.

East Olympia, Washington, United States #24133

I am glad I started looking for complaints. I was in theATL preview Center yesterday and this was my third time visting, they make the resorts look nice but I was a bit leery.

Of course after I said no the first time they acted like the opportunity would never present itself again but it did 2 more times. I was set to go in and pay the DP tomorrow but it felt wrong.I was told by a friend that Bluegreens properties sucked. So I decided to find some BBB and other complaints.

I want use this for vacationing and if ther is nothing available when I need it what\'s the points. As a matter of fact the DP required is the more than Disney Vacation Club\'s lowest package, looks like I will go with them.

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