No pressure is a joke. A 90 minute no pressure presentation turned into a 5.5 hour high pressure presentation in which they would not take no for an answer.

They just kept coming back with new deal after new deal and would not quit no matter what. The better business bureau and the chamber of commerce should black ball these practices. We will see if the publisher of AARP magazine would be interested in doing an article on this company's practices.

Their magazine goes into a lot of house holds. maybe that will make an impact on them.

Monetary Loss: $695.

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I used to work for them via Bass Pro Shops. As a sales rep, you can only pass on the info supplied to you.

If it is all lies, then how is the sales rep responsible? I will tell you: a sales rep has a RESPONSIBILITY to do the research and find out the truth. This is why I no longer work for them.

I told my boss what I found out and that I would no longer lie for Bluegreen. His response: You're fired.


If you are staying there in the office, why wouldn't they keep trying to sell you something. If you sit at a bar - the bartender will keep asking if you want a drink.

If you are in a restaurant the waitress will continue to ask you if you are ready to order - so long as you are sitting at a table.

What did you expect - to let you just sit there. If you were interested you can get up and leave after the presentation, say no thank you and get up and walk out.


Report to your Attorney General. Hope that AARP responds to your complaint also.

Great idea. They are credible and possibly can help put an end to this.


They are not BBB accredited due to the number of complaints. I like your idea about AARP. I don't understand why Bass Pro allows them to harass their customers.


nobody makes you stay for 5.5 hrs JUST GET up AND WALK OUT ...... SO SO SO SIMPLE


You must be masochistic to put up with this for 5.5 hours. WOW. Just so you know, you would hate the deal, whatever new deal they bring.

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