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"¢ I have repeatedly told Bluegreen to cancel this contract by sending written correspondence (see attached) to your company which required signatures upon receipt so I know you have received them.

"¢ Clearly this commodity remains in your inventory in the same condition as the day it was presented to me and therefore represents no decline in the asset value should you cancel this agreement.

"¢ I am requesting that Bluegreen and RCI quit sending me mail. At a minimum I am receiving 3-4 mailers per week. Please stop.

"¢ I grow confused since on September 12th, 2010 I received an email from Michael Aubut stating that I had canceled (see attached), yet on September 28th, 2010 Jamie Stewart sent me a notice of delinquency (see attached).

"¢ Your sales representative Steve Quintana was misleading and continued to be misleading over the topic of sales financing. The bottom line here is that as soon as I stated that the interest rate being presented would make us not conclude a business arrangement the entire presentation by the Bluegreen representative became focused on lower rates. These rates were never really available. My entire decision to go forward with the timeshare was based on the availability of those lower rates and I made the Steve Quintana well aware of this fact.

"¢ I am currently under doctor's orders to remove myself from any stressful situations. I am finding your continued efforts to be anything but the happy atmosphere presented by all at Bluegreen until there was an issue, at which time the "I don't care" attitude became pervasive throughout the several employee's I spoke with. This needs to be resolved and appears to be bordering harassment.

"¢ While we are in dispute I recommend you postpone your threats of collection, damage to credit, and default proceedings. I understand merchants like Bluegreen Corp. elect to operate their businesses independently and set return and refund policies that best suit your business needs. However, I also understand I have consumer rights and protection against misleading business practices.


Monetary Loss: $25.

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