Moberly, Missouri

We were shopping at Bass Pro and was approached by a gentleman to buy a weekend package to Big Cedar in Branson. That sounded good until we tried to book and found out this was for during the week and not the weekend.

Also the folks you call do not tell you that until you have called and booked a couple of two or three times. Not a reputable company in my opinion.

BAD BUSINESS.The folks are friendly but they will not tell you the truth until you ask them for a refund. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY.

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Never had a issue with my ownership you just have to research and know how to work the system

South Sanford, Maine, United States #279732

Miss Piggy, Darling, they just offered me a vacation at one of their resorts. Once I talked to them I realized that I would not be staying at their resort, I would be staying at a nearby hotel. However, darling, it still took my asking questions to figure out what I was getting for my money.


Darling did you pay to stay on Resort or did you go for the cheaper option

South Sanford, Maine, United States #279370

I just got the $99 deal to stay NEAR a Bluegreen resort and agree to go to hear their presentation. If you ask questions (I asked where I would be staying) you get the answers. It is not up to the salesperson to do your reading for you when you buy something.


we are sched to stay at the fountains in orlando for 3 days and have paid and expect to do the tour and all. from what i a m seeing i am going to be staying somewhere else? what a crok

lets be honest here there are a very large number of very happy owners who can and know how to make the system work.
Again we have to read on here that anybody who likes bluegreen must be a mole.
Get real folks people like to go on Vacations People DO KNOW what they buy and do not go blindly into things which seems to be the case with theses complaints.
Just accept that you are unable to make it work
Just accept that you wanted something for nothing
Just accept that YOU and only YOU signed all the paperwork saying that YOU understood what you were buying.
I know for some of you that is asking a lot and do you all remember someone from the good old USA bought LONDON BRIDGE thinking they were getting TOWER BRIDGE.
So stop all your moaning and enjoy your Vacations like most of the Bluegreen Owners.

It could also be said that these complaints are from proffesional complaners who gat thier kicks from putting people and companies down

Dont blame the happy owners because they did their homework kick yourselves up the butt because you didnt.

By the way "the real people" only talk through their arseholes

many of you on here went to ripp off a timeshare company
Many of you went for the frebbies
Many of you went for a cheap vacation

as the saying goes you reap what you sow

and while you are off to your Motel 6 and the like try finding the brain you were born with lol

off now to pack for another Blugreen Vacation

Good Bye and sleep well

There must be a BlueGreen Associate on here who has to post somthing after each real post. Ironically, it is people like you who would like this trashy business. The rest of the "real people" are in agreement that BlueGreen is a rip off!!!


Shame on you,

I am with you darling on this

Bluegreen forever


shame on you all for trying to get something for nothing!!!!! I went to Bass Pro and got that deal, went and took the presentation and ended up purchasing..Ive been an owner for 6 years and I love it!!

And all the resorts are 5 star staying at a crappy motel ANY day!!! johnny L. Moris LOVES Bluegreen.

And to the person who said Big Cedar was three star..go stay at the Motel 6 maybe that suits better with what you are used to!!! Dont back my vacation company I love owning with Bluegreen!!


Each time we book, we end up in the worst villas available. We book well in advance to attempt to get better accomodations.

The past 2 times we have been placed in run down nasty accomodations. We have to complain alot to get decent accomodations.

We don't live in these conditions, why would we vacation in them? Bluegreen is a rip off and not a good deal for the money.


Krissy my darling it is not a big ripp off it is you who tried to get a vaction on the cheap shame on you


While shopping on the Thanksgiving weekend at BassPro Shop, my husband and I bought a weekend package. We were so excited!

We booked our anniversary weekend. They sent us eveything in the mail with a beautiful bluegreen resort picture on it. When arriving at bluegreen they had no reservations for us. They put us in a cheap hotel that had holes in the sheets.

I was very mad. Then the next day we would go on the tour and get $100 gift card, but I left my drivers license back home, and only had a state issued work ID. They would not except it! A wasted trip in a bad hotel, no tour, and no gift card!

Bluegreen lies and is a huge rip OFF! We will never buy or suggest for anyone to buy bluegreen!


Yup, I was approached by a smooth talker at Bass and Pro shops. He forgot to tell me that I wasn't going to be staying at the resort for $100 even though he kept showing me a picture of it, I was actually going to stay at Hampton Inn, then I would still have to sit through the presentation at the wonderful Bluegreen.

I never heard the word Hampton Inn until I called to book. These places don't realize that the bait and switch only makes consumers angrier. I complained so much that they allowed us to stay at the resort instead.

And since I live in Maryland I don't even have to attend the presentation. I normally would have felt bad about skipping out on my end of the bargain but this will be my payback!


is ripoff just do a little home work and who find out who ownes the rest of "Big Cedar"

You got a cheap break then complain because you have to keep up your end of the deal and go to a timeshare presentation.

get real pal


My family went to Bass Pro several months back and while I was looking at boats my wife got conned into signing up for the "free weekend package at Big Cedar" in Branson. If I would have been there that would have never happened.

We just returned from a two night stay at Big Cedar and I can tell you, it is not a 5 star resort. More like 3 star at best. The rooms are small, but really nicely decorated. There are several pools but you either have to walk from your room to get to them, or call for a shuttle, which are fast and free.

I personally would have rather stayed in a mid level hotel in Branson or outside of town with a pool and hot tub in the same building. The big kicker is that it was 2 AND A HALF HOURS that it took us to get free from the high pressure salesman who continually kept saying they didn't put pressure on people all the while confronting us with, "Why don't you want to buy this?" and "Don't you want to do this for your family?...What would it take for you to do this?" blah blah blah for TWO AND A HALF HOURS!!!

Bass Pro's owner Johnny L. Morris better wake up and kick these losers out of his stores and cut his ties with them before he gets his butt sued off over all of this.


Definately not a rip off!! Where else can you stay at a five star resort for that kinna price that they offer. If you dont like it then go stay at the Motel 6 then!

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