Silverdale, Washington

I am a blugree owner of 10 years and have enjoyed using the resorts. But, these people are a pain in the ***.

They do make you feel like you a ***. I have devolped some tactics that I use to flip the script on the salepeople. I get all into thier personal business and spend most of my time "counselling" them on thier problems. I ask questions about thier salary and much time the spend at the resorts, etc.

After a hour they get pissed and want to get rid of me. I consider this free entertainment and they give me stuff at the end. I really love it when the "pressure" sales come over for the kill. The last guy in Orlando was ready to fight.

That's when I told him that I was a professional *** kicker.

It's fun becasue these people are real idiots. They rip off a lot of unsuspecting people...I see families with little kids getting thousands of dollars committed to something they really can't use.

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we are Bluegreen owners and have enjoyed all of the resorts we have been to. Some of the units could use a little sprucing up, but are really fine.

We just don't answer the phone when they call to ask us to sit in on the 90 minute meeting and always turn that down so that we can enjoy our vacation. We actually are interested in purchasing another membership if anyone has one inexpensively please let me know.

to cgl New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #587023

I have 24000 Bluegreen pts. that I want to give away.

It can be split 11000 or 13000 pts. It u are still interested, e-mail me at


Hey leeban. You're a mooch and an ***.

I hope one of these days some one does kick your teeth in. You deserve to get mouth cancer. You try to as a smart guy, but your dumber than all the idiots you talk about.

You piece of ***. If u had any courage you would leave your real name.


So, my wife and I have been owners for 2 years now and loved the resorts. Scheduling was a hassle but eventually, it worked out after a long conversation and a friendly customer service rep.

Anywho, we recently went back in for an update from every other year to every year. But, unfortunately, I have lost my job and therefore the upgrade is no longer possible. They requested a down payment but we did not have the full amount, so they spread it out.

The complete down payment has not been submitted but the paperwork has been signed. Is there anything we can do to back out?


Bluegreen LIED to me. Said listen to 90 min presentation with no pressure.

Turned into a three hour high pressure argument where I said No at least 5 or 6 times. Finally while coughing up blood. My wife and I signed just to get out of the place. Went to the hospital, doctors found several problems, Diabetes II, Ulcer, Encephalitis Anemic blood, steatohepatis.

Doctors had to install a Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic shunt in my liver, said it was 70 percent bad and repaired burst blood vessels in my esophagus and lower stomach area. I am now on a liver transplant waiting list. I Visited local BLUEGREEN office and gave them verbal and written cancellation of my contract. Called Boca Raton, Fl and they said I had to send written cancellation.

I FAXED and mailed cancellation on the 7th day. They claimed they did not get it in the required time frame and put it on my credit report as a FORECLOSER.

Never, go to a sales presentation for a Vacation Club, Resort, Time share or anything even close to this description. Staying at the Hilton is better and cheaper and you never have a hassle or a problem.


Just purchased with BG, lowest points with an everyother year deal. We mostly travel Thurs-Sun.

Nervous that we maybe stepped into a scam, but the investment was relatively small considering this could be an investment into vacations for years to come. Looking for any feedback, tips, advice.


We also are owners and do enjoy the resorts with some frustrations. Mostly we turn down the sales tactics when we visit so we are not tortured during their sales pitch.

Thanks for some great advise. BTW...we only own a few thousand points and really have no interest in upgrading.

We have enough to get us what we want and need. If anyone else is thinking of buying...try the lowest volume of points they will give and see how it works for you!

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