I was talked into buying the sampler package from Blue Green resort for $695, now I'm regretting it. The available dates I can take my family has certain black out dates.

The 9000 available points will only get me 1 weekend nights (Sat & Sat)! And the entire summer is not available to book. WHY did me & my husband got sweet talked into buying it! They said we don't need to pay anything else, yet the contract states that resort fees such as "cleaning" is not included!

Wondering if I can call my credit card company and stop the payment.

If there's a class action against this company, I would like to join.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $695.

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Take advantage and do the reviews. As long as you don't purchase and you go to different locations each time, you can do your review and get the $100.

Before you know it, it was free! Also, weekdays are much cheaper than weekends.

Whitesburg, Georgia, United States #1317609

My husband and I were able to book a 2 room suite that will sleep 8 in Orlando for 5 nights in May and 2 nights in a cabin in Gatlinburg. We also have the sampler membership.

Aberdeen, North Carolina, United States #1311766

what all come with this how many bedroom when cant you used your points how offen your get this points

New Kensington, Pennsylvania, United States #1270898

We also bought this package and every thing was explained really well in the presentation. The dates are shown and explained in a book you are given and if you are surprised, I don't think you listened very much in the first place.

You are plainly told you will have to listen to your first offer again for the chance to purchase a bigger plan on your first vacation. It's in the contract and explained to you at the presentation.


Yes...I know. This company got us for the amount of $795, and when we went to book the vacation we were told that we would have to sit through another presentation.

We thought we were finished with the presentations. Also, we were told that if we didn't do the presentation we would have to pay $150. That's crazy, especially when the presentation we sat through lasted for six hours, not two. It took our entire day.

I can pay for a resort cheaper through Redweek.com than I can for this and also get the week I want and the location. I will not be purchasing again from this company.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #943836

There are no housekeeping fees

Grand Prairie, Texas, United States #853477
I purchased the Sampler package for $795 and they were VERY clear when each of the resorts were available and how many points for each night. They gave us a beautiful book showing each resort, when their high and low seasons are, how many points for each night.

I went through the book to figure out which resorts have the lowest point values so I can visit as many as possible.

I have already booked my first stay and can't wait!! :)
to SAM Winston, Georgia, United States #1176097

This is exactly what my husband and I purchased. I assume every presentation and or location is different.


Actually, our sampler package has been wonderful. We've had NO problems with it at all.

We were told that it can used from Sept to May, which was just fine for us. It was 695.00, and the resorts were beautiful. The deposit, like any other hotel, is refunded back to your card, if the unit is left in good shape and you had no incidentals. Bluegreen is a MUCH better company than Westgate, in our opinion.

We have gone to Las Vegas and Myrtle Beach, twice, with our 9,000 pts. We would definitely purchase again.


Wow. Be glad you only paid 695 - I was on the hook for 2500 for my Sampler.


No class action, but you can try a WRITTEN dispute with the credit card as long as the transaction was done recently. Buyers remorse might not be enough.


Warning!!!!! This person from Newark has been really busy this morning and is using multiple names.

In some cases he/she is pretending to be a happy owner.

In most cases he/she is insulting the victim from the original complaint.

Thanks Newark!!! Your remarks are simply confirming what the victims have stated regarding this sorry excuse for a company.


So you freely signed up and agreed to it - and you are blaming them. You were talked into it - you could have said no.


I have been a bluegreen owner for over 5 years and I have never had to pay a cleaning fee.

In order to get the vacation week you want - you must plan ahead and make your reservations in advance (you have up to 11 months prior to the week you want to go).

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