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What a "RIP OFF" I paid 1000$ for the sample pack vacation only because the lady trying to sell us the huge package wouldnt shut up, We were there for almost 5 hours the are very high pressure sales people. But when I tried to book our vaction I found most dates had black out times including all summer and the days around any holiday.

That means my kids would have to miss school.So I tried to book a vacation for the end of Nov. the week before Thanksgiving and I was told that for 7000 out of 9000 points I could get a wed,thur and a friday. I ask about another day and the lady said I didnt have enough points to use on a weekend day, So I said well just give me the Monday after and we can book an hotel for the weekend while in orlando. Then she said I couldnt book on a monday!

WHAT THE ***! So I looked on the net and found a # that you could call and get 5 nights along with 2

day 2 park tickets free to universal for only 300$ if you stay at the bluegreen resort in orlando. So I called and ask about the days that my 1000$ package couldnt book along with the Monday they said I could not use.

And guess what, Those dates are available.I tried to call Bluegreen about this and I got the oh well' to bad line from them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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my friend booked us a visit to b/g for november. he wants the free dinner & show tickets.

we have been to orange lake in orlando, i like that they start at 30,000+/- and keep lowering to around 14,000.

still not interested. the yearly maintenance fees alone will pay for a week vacation somewhere.


David darling you are such a fool, after all these years why have you not learned how to use it you silly boy.

I know i go on lots of vacations but there are lots left for you


Where do to they train Car sales people......At Blue Green... These people are a joke in a large way.

I have owned for years, and have never been able to use any of there service because there is alwas some one else with a million points that has booked already.

PS. Now that everybody knows about the BGR Scam good luck selling, you may get 10 cents on the dollar if you don't get taken by there sister company that charges 500.00 up front to sell the *** thing


As others have already commented,once you know how to use BG(and they have always been very helpful to us),it IS a win-win company.When you purchase the sampler(which we have done twice before becoming owners),you cannot expect to get the best times to use it.Those dates are, of course,reserved for the regular guests.We are happy to have ownership in BG,and have just returned,having bought more points in the company :)


Stayed at both resorts. The fountains are beautiful.

We've stayed there three times and didn't have a problem. I made the reservation and requested two rooms next to each other. I (an owner) was upgraded to the newly renovated rooms. I asked if my parents could be moved as well, they said no problem.

In the beginning I was very frustrated trying to use the timeshare, but once you learn the rules it is great. I am constantly going somewhere.


If you are trying to use points or bonus time, I wish you lots of luck. We bought in many years ago and have only been able to use a few times -- they are ALWAYS booked, and no, it does not matter how many times you call back.

They also sold us on their "camping options for owners" which lasted a couple of seasons then, mysteriously, nobody there seemed to have heard of it.... We are still paying every month for something we cannot use.

We tried to rebel by refusing to pay our fees and now have been turned over to a collection agency and locked out of our membership.

Don't invest in Bluegreen, you'll be sorry and will only waste your money!


RUN-don't walk away from this company!! Our story is posted under another topic so I won't go into detail. PLEASE just say no and leave!


We bought 3 yrs ago based on the fact that we could use the bonus time!!!! Well let's just say we have not been able to use the bonus time ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

:( :( :( Who do they think they are by gettin a hold of young couples with children and lying to them and saying how easy it is and then never having any time availabe for us? They took us for everything we had!

:cry :cry I hope they are happy and we lost our savings! :sigh :sigh


We are Blue/Green owners, originally Vistana, BG bought them out, changed our contract without our approval and no we never get to use it. Always already booked.

They tell you that you need to book a year inadvance, tried that, didn't work. We have been owners over 12 years.

I think twice we have been able to use our property (what did we end up paying for those 2 vacations, a lot more than if we would have paid outright.) I would NEVER buy another timeshare again, and would love to sell mine. I would research something else.

Lord Mankinholes
Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #73134


where do you want to go ?

I have just checked and you can make reservations for Easter at all Resorts in South Carolina, Orlando,the Dells, Williamsberg,Vagas,Hershey,Aruba and so on

and this is several days after you say there is no availability


I finally registered online with my blue account and already I can't book a vacation for the upcoming easter break. Somebody please tell there's a way I can get out of this.

I'm seriously thinking about going back up there and talking with the dude who sold this to me and getting my money back by whooping his ***. Mine cost 8 grande as well and I can't afford to just throw 8 grand out the window.

Lord Mankinholes
Nettetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #71601

The reason she could not book Monday is that you have to book 2 night min stay apart from LAI.

What you wanted to do is 2 reservations not 1.

No mystery about Mondays just as I said youn cannot book single nights, the cleaning costs are to high and would mean that our MF would have to go up.


:sigh :upset I am deeply sadden by some of the responses of the people who have actually bought shares from BG! My husband and I have not went to our vacation tour yet.

We planned on going to Branson,MO for our honeymoon and was hoping to buy shares as well with BG, but to see how many complaints there and lies, I think we will just go and be sure not to make a purchase! Again, I am sadden and sorry that some of you all had bad experiences with this company!

Please let me know of any additional info I need to know before we go in November! Thanks!

Bear River City, Utah, United States #54961

My husband and I bought into blue green 11 years ago and we love it. we bought a small package we could only use every other year and we have up grade 3to 4 times.

there are some rule like book a whole week and a partial week depending on how far out your bokking but so far it has work for use. and if you can get what you want the first time call back and keep trying some thing may come up because some one may have canceled.

yes they do have what they call red week white week and blue weeks. but once you figure out how to use it, it's ok.


Question??? Just reading some of comments.

We too bought into the sampler package and are starting to plan our vacation. This doesn't look good!!!! Has anyone been to the resort in Ormond Beach Florida or any of the ones in Fl? Something tells me we aren't going to be able to get anything set up where we want, when we want.

I am really Bummed!!! and I haven't even started calling them.

Country Homes, Washington, United States #27753

I have yet to use any bluegreen vacation points, but I am sadly gratified by (most of) these comments, as I too suspected that with almost unlimited su[pply (of "owners"), that competition for any particular resort would be ocverwhelming. I believe our first vacationj will be roughlyu our 4th choice!

Macedon, New York, United States #17687

i am so mad/upset/crying i dont know what to do when i got that letter i staretde cying ok cuz im only 13 and i got that letter i was so happy but if this is SCAM im going to be so mad i mean as im typing thins i can stop crying cuz this is my dream to write and now i can live it :cry :cry :cry

Saint Henry, Ohio, United States #7330

Michael are you more angry because your a whiner or your a mooch that came for the free gift like everyone else, you got your free gift, quit your whining you F@%k clown!!!

Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan, United States #6053

Yeah, we signed and now, we regret it.. we see things now that we didn't see when we signed on in 2005.

Bluegreen vacation resorts is a rip off. They have highly trained sales people which will tell you everything but the truth. They talk a "good story" they tell you things you want to hear, but none on those things are truth.

If you notice during their sales pitch, they will not offer you any written litature or brochures about their company. They will only show you a photo album and/or draw on blank paper and list things that you "will get". They won't let you get your hands on those papers. Of course not, because none of the things they offer are for real.

Some of the properties they own are older properties. Most of the rooms in those properties are already sold to owners other than bluegreen owners. Bluegreen only has a select few to offer to their program.

It will be a nightmare... if not impossible to get a reservation at a favorite vacation spot.

They sell the idea of ownership for a lifetime, but believe me, it isn't what happens.

Bluegreen sells POINTS........ period.

Nowhere in their papers or agreements does it list how much a point is in realation to the value of a dollar.

*****Therefore, bluegreen can raise the amount of points per property as they choose.

We all understand inflation when relating to dollars and percentage rates but by using points they have a deceptive way to raise the cost of a vacation stay. Consumers have a harder time figuring it out and relating to a points/value program.

Your points may get you 5 nights now, but next year they may give you only 3.

We learned this by trying to make reservations 2 years in a row at the same resort. By they way, the resort was booked and we still haven't used bluegreen.

We paid for our own vacation, bluegreen was useless for our family for the past 2 years.

Please don't waste your money like we did......

Carmel, New York, United States #5345

I was also a sucker. They kept us in a room for hours going back and forth on different options.

We ended up paying over 8 grand for a timeshare that we cannot use because of blackout dates and everything else. If you want to use it you have to take a vacation around there schedule.

We planned on saving up our points to use all at once but they have rules against that too, your points are only good for so long. I would like to spend my next vacation there protesting and picketing these *** They will tell you whatever you want to hear to sell you no matter what your financial situation is.

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