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Two year's ago my boyfriend & I bought into Bluegreen Resort's..... What a nightmare...

We were promised a cruise & access to anything just call them & they'll book us it's been two yrs & have recived nothing but bills every year..... We need to all get together & find a way to stop this madness.... I have done so much research & I'm in tears. Do these people realize this is our retirement.

They live high on yhe hog & we consumers end up with a nightmare.

Anyone interested let me know & we will fight them together. THEY KEEP TAKING & WERE NOT RECIEVING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello my name is Chris and my fiance bought into bluegreens and it was a mistake. BIG MISTAKE is there anything we can do to get out of it. My email is Thanks


sorry worked 72hrs this week.

You say I rude well just reread some of the complaints, people are to quick to blaim somebody for there misgivings.

It is time that these people took responsibilty for their actions, afterall we all signed the same contract , we all ticked the same boxes , but some of us understand how the system works and others do not.

If you think i am rude than so be it ,but what it does do is get the point across and hey YOU all try to call my ,all try to say I must work for BG buy NONE of YOU ever figure out how to use the system.

That my friend is the sad thing about it


I have read about 50 BlueGreen complaints and the user called UK ends up commenting on almost all of these complaints. You know, it seem that UK likes to say that he is not a representative of BlueGreen.

I actually believe him. Only because BlueGreen makes a point of hiring people who gives their a positive image. UK certainly doesn't do that. UK likes to insult people and give them advice at the same time.

If he had any since, He could say something nice and offer good advice. Instead, he insults and then tells you to go to Yahoo to find information on how to use Bluegreen points. Why would anyone listen to him after he laughs at you and calls you a fool.

If UK does work for BlueGreen, then it is obvious how he feels about the consumers. If UK doesn't work for BlueGreen, then he has too much time on his hands


it looks as if you have not down the correct research because if you had you would have found the Bluegreen Group on Yahoo and then the only tears would be those of pure joy.

How many points do you have, if you are in retirement then there are 1000,s of vacations in the off peak periods that can be booked with in a few weeks and in some cases a few days of the time you wish to travel. Take advantage of these use less points

Look on the bright side of life.

Join the group


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