Bentonville, Arkansas

I am about to waste about 2 hours of my time listening to this "scam" you all have posted. Thank you for helping me make a decision prior to even going into this.

First of all, my husband signed us up prior to me knowing so I'm stuck going--oh well, at least we'll get a free lodging for the upcoming weekend. If I may say to all you who posted regarding Bluegreen, it has been consistent similar complaints that is very sad for many consumers out there who get suckered into these timeshares. They won't get me for sure. I'll just go with the flow of that meeting.

The other reason that helped my decision was reading all the reviews and I can tell that a some replies ARE a Bluegreen representative (mostly name UK) whom is rude and seems to think he/she knows everything. A BG representative going on this site confirms to me too that they are up to no good.

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The timeshare industry has been into the lion’s mouth for the last couple of years, and it has generated lots of controversy and discussions in many forums and blogs on the web. However, since we’re living an economic downturn, anyone would expect that the timeshare sales collapse, but instead of that the sales seem to be increasing… but this comes with a trap: timeshare scams are increasing too.

That leads us to the question: then, why keep people investing on timeshares?


The sales are HIGH pressure. The more questions you ask, the more pressure they apply.

For the initial presentation, they put you up in a shoddy hotel (don't get fooled by so-called condo upgrade claims, there's no way to adjust the thermostat in our hotel room that's supposedly a condo).

Look on ebay, there are people willing to give away points just to have maintenance fees paid. This is a SCAM.

I wish I'd researched Bluegreen on line before and not wasted the hours that I will never get back. They claim a max of 1-1/2 hours, and even that's a misrepresentation.

Purchase interest rate is 16.99%, and they present "better deal" after "better deal" to hook you in. AND no, no legitimate bank will finance a timeshare.

They're presentation was misleading on several major points, to include adding food and entertainment in their figures, when you will ALWAYS be responsible for those.

Next time, I'll buy my husband a Bass Pro gift card, so that we won't have to suffer through such bogus sales pitches and such rude treatment.



you are such a big *** (I think I have a right to call you that since you are sooooooo rude) I have told you many a time I do not work for BG ...get it through your thick skull and google Bluegreen and please tell me where in the UK there is a Bluegreen office.

The nearest I get to a timeshare office in the UK is 400yds (from work) to The european office of Diamond Resorts International that my friend will give you am insight into the area I work in.

Sorry you have missed out on some very cheap holidays but then you know better dont you.

You can not stand anyone being a happy owner because you are so up your own *** that you cant see the wood for the trees.

Well next year its 7 nights in New York followed by 14 nights in Cape Cod roll on roll on


Oh UK, shut your pie hole (just as I predicted--a salesmen). You obviously have nothing better to do if you spend your time on this site, ***.

Anywho, to all other folks looking into this BG timeshare. I ultimately did NOT sign up. They are too fishy. When I asked them to show me the paperwork or the fine lines written in contract that they would NOT increase rates on the hotel maintenance, etc...

I was immediately stamped out into the "buying" process. When I questioned about why the interest rates were high (16.99%), they try to say that we can refinance. Don't be naive folks. Lesson one, banks DO NOT refinance timeshares.

You can prob do through credit card banks, but like any loan, you gotta be qualified. Needless to say, its not worth it. I much rather enjoy spending a little extra money for luxury at my own pace. Be in Cancun in Oct.

at a beautiful resort there--still overall cheaper that going through BG. Goodluck.


No you will be at the resort if available. And you can probably get the upgrade for $50 per night. Just call the reservation number and ask for an upgrade.


Sweet2bRose, I am glad you took the time to read this site. We went on one of these discount stays, and fortunately, I checked out sites like this first. Here are some things you should do if you haven't already: Do a web search for "How to survive a timeshare presentation." There is a good writeup at rcivip dot com.

Read your agreement with Bluegreen CAREFULLY as far as what your obligations are to stay at the presentation. Make sure you print this out and have it with you.

Check out the laws and regulations in the state where you are going as they apply to timeshares and timeshare sales practices. You may find some interesting information concerning what is or is not allowed.

Check out resale and rental prices of timeshares at that locations by going to sites like Ebay, sellmytimesharenow, redweek, and Timeshare Users Group. Have these printouts with you. You might also want to see what kinds of (nice) accommodations Hotwire or Priceline offer in that area, and for what prices. In our presentation, one of the salesmen had a printout from, but that was pretty bogus.

They will likely schedule your meeting in the middle of the day so you can't plan much else. If you only have one full day it can put a real damper on things. Remember, you do not have to stay a MINUTE longer than they say, especially if you already have your accommodations.

Let us know how it goes. Good luck!


poorhousmouse you have answered your own question ..... what have they recomended you to do upgrade.

So do it


sorry darling you could not be any futher away from the truth.

I am a happy owner who just has to laugh at people like yourself.

You have not got a mind of your own and you are just yet another one of the sheep

If you think I am rude then thats tough *** , these people on here have not read the paperwork signed away *** nilly then its all the fault of somebody else

Take responsability for your own actions you morrons.

If you just took the time to learn how this or any timeshare works then you will have a real good time but you lot just want to call scam at the first breath.

Not only me but hundreds of timeshare owners laugh at you folks and rightly so.

to quote a US saying "you can't teach ***"


just paid 99.00 upfront for a 3/2 stay (sunday-thursday) at My choice of destination.

the salesman advised I would be responsible for taxes.

he also advised I can change/upgrade when I call to book.

He also recommended that I do the resort upgrad (at an additional 40-50 dollars. I want to go to the smokey mountatins in TN - are you saying that I won't be at the resort and booked in a substandard hotel?

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