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My husband booked a vacation on July 12, 2013. We were to take the vacation beginning August 1 through the 3rd in Las Vegas.

The employee told my husband he would receive a email with in 24 hours of booking the trip. My husband did not receive any such email and in 48 hours he called them back to cancel the trip. He told the employee that he no longer was interested and no to take the funds from our credit card. He was assured that all had been cancelled.

This was not true Blue Green tried 5 more times to take the funds. My husband uses a prepaid credit card for items like this just for this reason. They tried 5 more times each time my husband would call and speak with a supervisor and told them all had be canceled. Blue green was also calling my cell phone.

I am on the National do not call list each time they called I told them this. This company does not stop they called me up top 13 times a day. I spoke with an administrator who promised that my husband and myself would not receive any more contact from them. They would not try to take the funds from our card they would not try to call or contact via email.

One hour after speaking with her they tried to get the funds from our card. We were on our vacation on 8-2-13. We travel with the pre paid card so when they hit the card this time the funds were there. I have spoke with several people.

One employees name was Maya she was so rude and disrespectful and hung up on me. Randy, Ryan,Mike all the same. This place is a joke and all they do is pressure people.

They are commissioned based and lie to get what they want......BUYER BEWARE!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Package Booking.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Mishawaka, Indiana, United States #825129

I am guessing you are not a Bluegreen owners, and did not understand what you were doing.


My husband and I received a phone call from "Blue Green Resorts" claiming we had won a FREE vacation to Universal Studios. My husband was the one who initially answered the phone and once the woman (Rebecca Halverson) started to explain that we had won a trip to Universal Studios he immediately asked if there was any money that would needed to be paid TODAY. When the woman explained that we had 18 months to take this vacation and until booking we would not need to pay he agreed to listen and said "His wife would have to take down the details." When I listened I was waiting for some one to mention the magic words of "All we need from you today is $XXX to secure your package today." After listening to the woman for 20 min she then transferred me over to a "ticketing assistant" who would simply verify where to mail our prize package. Once transferred to the assistant he (Luke Nichols) started to inform me that we had won and so on much like Rebecca had done the previous 20 min. After he reviewed the package he then asked me how we would like to pay for our "Registration Fee" of $249 for traveler #1 and $249 for traveler #2. I then informed him that he regrettably was wasting his time because my family and I could not afford that kind of money for a trip. Yes it is an amazing price, however we simply can not afford it. I also informed him that my husband had specifically asked the woman prior if there was any money that would need to be paid TODAY, and she told him no. He then stated in a very defensive tone that he was monitoring the call and "NO, she did not, what she said was that she was not sure because she is simply a hired employee to make initial calls". I informed him that what he was doing is a scam by not CLEARLY listing the "rules" on the registration papers or making sure all of said "employees" were fully informed to handle any customer questions. He then stated to me that "You are giving up a once in a life time opportunity, after all this IS Universal Studios we are talking about. Also we are a 'Fortune 500' company and our stocks are traded on Wall Street, we do everything by the book."

*When I contacted Universal Studios to ask them about any current promotions they have running with "Blue Green Resorts" the woman was very friendly and said that she was unaware of any. She did direct me to their prize line just to verify, but when I explained to her what I have explained above she stated that "If you won a Free vacation with us you would not have to pay anything." So she very quickly noticed as well that this was a SCAM!!!

I will note that I am NOT unhappy with Universal Studios at all. Simply with "Blue Green Resorts" for false advertisement and scamming unsuspecting families. Keep this in mind as well. My husband received a call yesterday for a trip won through them for Branson, Missouri and my mother-in-law received one today for Branson through "Blue Green Resorts". So please if it sounds to good to be true, then it IS to good to be true. My family instilled that in me a long time ago, and I am thankful that they did, because this is obviously NOT the first time this has happened with my family. Protect your family as well once you read this!


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