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I was called and told that I "WON" a trip, that right there should have been my first clue!!! I spoke with Heidi, and Mike which were two very nice individuals and spoke fast.

By the end of the conversation WOW I get to take ALL these trips!! I won all these trips for free? Yea right! Mike tells me that I owed them $498.00!

BUT hey that's a deal!! I told them I didn't have the money and they said no problem you can pay it when you're ready.......yea right they charged my card anyway and when I told them to reverse the deduction they said...ok and hung up on me!! Are you kidding me is this how you people do business??

Don't tell someone that they "WON" a trip and make them pay for it.!! This really just sucked the life out of me how deceitful can people be!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Deal.

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Here's a hint. The easiest way to keep someone from stealing your money is DON'T GIVE IT TO THEM!

You can't give a thief your money and then expect people to feel bad for you when they won't give it back. Grow up.

#135128 are the prototypical Bluegreen crotch mite. This person came to this site to warn the public about Bluegreen's unethical practices and shady tactics and you call this good person a ***. Yep...your just another ingredient in the fecal stew that is Bluegreen.


The only way they can charge your credit card is if you give them the number, ***.


You must have just fell off the cabbage truck to fall for this one. NOTHING is free. remember that next time..

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