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Blue Green Resorts called us and told us all about their resorts. They told us that we would get a gift card to Bass Pro shop when we went on the tour.

We agreed to go and paid the $99.00. When they called back to schedule our tour, they asked some more questions, and at that time, we were told our income did not qualify. They had not told us any minimum income upon the initial contact. If they would have asked about our income during the first call, we would never have agreed to purchase it and spend $99.00.

We were mislead and they kept our $99.00.

I would advise you NOT to ever do business with this company.



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You people have to be kidding me. I just Google'd Blue-Green because I've considered marketing from them, and from the complaints I see, You people are a joke.

It just goes to show you why they call you people Tour-ons. Clearly this company would not be highly rated for their pricing on Wall Street if they were truly devious. I won't name the many I know that are devious, but I will tell you this, YOU lucked out to buy from Blue-Green IF you actually wanted Timeshare... Truly Timeshare isn't a great option for most, however YOU are to blame if YOU signed the papers.

...and for those of you wishing to sling the Bible around, all 4 gospels state to throw the first stone IF YOU are without sin or in this case Blame. No company is responsible for your Bills, YOU ARE...

:p your all so full of it

Consider yourself lucky! I wish I had lost only $99.

We have lost thousands with this company and because of this company. Run as fast as you can away from them and don't try to negotiate, they will rob you blind any way they can!!!

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