Dayton, Ohio
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Every time we call Blue Green their customer service is rude and not willing to put you thru to a supervisor. I don't even think that they have a supervisor or if they do they are not willing to help, just pass you off to another department, like title department.

They also are not willing to give you back your money for what you paid for your points which is less than 1/2 of what they are charging the new owners/suckers. I would not recommend Blue Green to anyone, If you are smart you would just buy someone else's timeshare since it will be less than 1/2 and you will be able to ask questions about the facility and service.

Think twice, this was the biggest mistake every....Just take the free incentive and get the *** out of here and no matter what they tell you don't give in since you will regret it.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Rhett, reading your post indicates that you still have money owing on your Bluegreen Ownership?

If this is the case you will not be able to sell it until all the money is paid and it is free of all debit.


Has anyone found a reputable service to unload crapy Time Shares??? I would love to unload my Bluegreen Time Share even if I have to take a major hit on what I owe. I haven't heard of one company that will try to sell the Time Share without rippin gyou off.


I am associated with a company that helps people get rid of their timeshares. The site can be viewed at

We dont sell timeshares, you wont or get any money for them. We just relieve you of all future financial obligation.

We have been in business for 11 years giving timeshare owners some relief from the trap that they get themselves caught in. Our office number is 417-334-0892 if you have any questions.

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