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I got my timeshare deal from Bass Pro Shops to go to bluegreen Resort in Las Vegas. My family drove 650 miles to take this trip.

The sales presentation took 4 hours of my day. Bottomline, they are liars!!!! We almost purchased the sampler deal only to find this site which warned us to stay far away. They also told us we would get a IPAD and cruise.

Except it wasn't an IPAD and the cruise who knows.

Do not waste your precious time listening to their ridiculous deal of a lifetime. By the way, they call it ownership not timeshare.

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another who went for the freebies


BG must have an entire department devoted to posting against consumers dissatisfied. Way to go, I hope your business tanks , the resort in Vegas is in the middle of trash right next to the airports and to far from the strip.

The sharks in the timeshare presentation lie and get mad if you deside you do not want to purchase. Consumers don't waste your time just stay at a nice resort right on the strip.


i must say after 2 years of using the service i am very pleased with it.. i would have never vacationed at so many places if i had not secured it with BG.


I got out of my Bluegreen nightmare email me at martysuniga@gmail.com

to Marty #726470

We purchased the BG timeshare, but we still have several days to opt out? I want to get out.

Any advice?


to Beth #727404

Beth, You have to chek your contract as well as state law. You can probably find out what state law is on timeshare purchase rescission through a web search.

You should also look at your contract for rescission instructions and SEND THAT LETTER RIGHT AWAY in the manner they direct (whether USPS or whatever)! Be sure to get a return receipt to prove that you sent it and when.

You will know they received it when they try to call you to get you to change your mind. Ignore the phone calls.

For more info go to tugbbs.com as they are very helpful with questions like yours.


Darling vrang we have been busy today, sombody must have upset you, Bluegreen must have lots and lots of employees since it seems you think everyone works for them.

Darling dont be so sad be happy like all these nice Bluegreen owners


Another response by a BG employee. Very sad.


Oh look another one that went for the Freebies

Pity you missed out on a good deal , Pity you didnt investigate the plus side istead of just these stranges to the truth who complain on here.

Some of their stories are pure fabrications and 10000 miles from the truth and reality of the system.

it is you who has missed out talk about sheep

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