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After pruchasing a smapler plan from them, promised delivery in 30-45 days... Nothing showed up. Our contract # does not work online. Call any of the 10 numbers and they all dump you into an endless phone line loop that no humans ever answer.

Also called the corporate headquarters in Florida. They won't even call you back when you talk to the british corp secretary and leave a message. It is all a shell. There are no employees / no people at all employed by Blue Green, just a group of execs who cash your checks

I suggest you join the class action suit in progress

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Utsunomiya-Shi, Tochigi, Japan #212292

Unfortunately they sold you a sampler, they are priced where there is not a cancellation right.

I worked for them for a while, and their motto is Get a Sale, Get a Sampler or Get a Name. The sampler just makes the company money back for marketing and gives the member nothing.

I got out of that business after 25 years, it has gotten to be such a crooked industry.

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