Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Do not purchase Blue Green points. I purchased points a few years ago.

I also this past February got my parents to purchase points. I did not get the referral for it. They said someone put my parents down as a referral. I was not told who it was and when my parents called they would not tell him who put him down as a referral.

They went with me to the Fountains in Orlando and they put me down for the referral on the paper work and even with that, they still did not give me the referral. I was about to purchase another 15000 points in November, that will not ever happen. I will not refer another person or talk good about how BlueGreen will not try to resolve the problem. My step father called to try to fix the problem and all they said was for him to get an attorney.

Not only did they loose my future purchase but they also will loose my step father to purchase any other points. My brother and sister was about to purchase points but i can rest assure you they will not purchase any points.

Stay away. do not trust them.

The sales people will say anything to get you to purchase points.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Bluegreen sucks and i can't even give it away for free because nobody wants it !!!!!

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