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I've started a Facebook page in the hopes of starting a class action lawsuit like the one in Pennsylvania. Were you lied to at your sales pitch? Join the movement to get a class action lawsuit going.

No matter what the contract says the sales pitch must be honest or it is ILLEGAL! End of story. It's not the fault of the consumer who has been swindled. Christmas mountain sales staff makes the characters of Glengarry Glen Ross look like saints. Deceptive sales practice are also illegal in most states.

Federally it is illegal to engage in deceptive sales practices. A sale is deceptive if it.

1. Represents that goods or services have sponsorship, approval, characteristics, ingredients, uses, benefits, or qualities that they do not have. (How many were convinces they would receive some service they did not receive? The ability to rent points via blue greens web page.)

2. Represents that goods or services are of particular standard, quality, or grade, or that goods are of particular style or model, if they are of another. (How many were shown the cleanest and best unit only to find that all the other units are not as nice)

3. Disparages the goods, services, or business of another by false or misleading misrepresentation of fact (How many were told how that "other" time share was so horrible?")

4. Makes false or misleading statements of fact concerning the reasons for, existence of, or amounts of price reductions. (How many were told that there bonus weeks were being "thrown in" as a means to get them to buy. Every time you said no, they offered to throw in something that really came with every sale.)

5. Engages in any other conduct which similarly creates the likelihood of confusion or of misunderstanding. (How many knew exactly what they were getting from the sales pitch? Not the contract signing, but the sales pitch)

That's just to mention a few. If you had any of these happen to you, then BG broke federal law, The Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act, and most likely state laws as well. Furthermore the Pennsylvania judge ordered them to STOP.

I'll be starting a Facebook page for people who want to join the class action law suit to go to. And taking out ads on face book to gather people. Alone you are just a swindled owner. United we can bring a case all the way to the federal level.

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Are you serious! This is the biggest scam that was ever created, and anyone on this site that is saying otherwise, believe me works for this company.

I sold my timeshare approx one year ago, we were made to pay the entire 2012 maintaince fees before they would transfer the deed. Now 1 year later we are being told We now have to pay the entire 2013 maint. Fee before they will release it. If you believe this company is wonderful try selling it and see how successful you are.

Don't burden your children with this nightmare!!!!! In 12 years we have been on 2 at dirty low grade rooms and have been trying to get rid of it ever since.

We can't seem to escape this on going nightmare.


1)There is no reason to keep the Timeshare when I can book the same property through Travelocity for less than the annual maintenance costs.

2)The value of the Timeshare Deed is worthless since no sane person would buy the Timeshare due to the cost of the Annual Maintenance Fees costing more than renting the same property for a week without a Timeshare


There is a lot of people that like a Porsche but can't afford it. I see a lot of people that buy Timeshares and they can't afford it but then get mad at the company because they sold it to them... If you are an adult you should know what you can and can't afford !!!

to BA Chicago, Illinois, United States #947565

Yes, but once I have the Porsche, I can resell it. I can even resell it at close to what I paid for it. $20,000 for my Bluegreen deed and I literally can't give it away!


well folks I would have to say no timeshare looks very much like a scam just bewear

dont pay any money uo front to them

No Timeshare

I wonder why "happy owners" are looking up Bluegreen on Pissed Consumer???


Problem is your not able to research BG because your told if you leave the table to have the contract reviewed by a layer, the price will go up. That is after you've been held for about 4-5 hours.

I thank all the Bluegreen staff for posting on this blog.

It helps us understand the mind set of sales people. Crooks and Frauds.


you need to open your eyes and realize you have no idea what your talking about BG is GREAT ..ill be in the bahamas while your on the couch after work sucking your thumb!


I dont know what you are talking about, they tell you when you can travel? Im a happy bluegreen owner havent had a problem with them yet, my salesman was nice and honest he made it clear to me that this was something to hold on to and pass it down to your children and grandchildren.

ITS NOT MEANT TO BE SOLD! Some people buy timeshares and have no idea what they are getting themselves into.Then others buy it because the salesman was just that good,and he sold you.Then 6 months later you realize you really cant afford it and want to look for someone to blame. Bottom line is bluegreen or any other timeshare for that matter: They didnt put the pin in your hand and make you sign a contract.

So maybe you should point the finger @ the one who was really in the wrong.

The salesman, the company or you.I just booked my 4th Vacation with bluegreen today.

So i dont know why you are having problems call 1-800-546-CLUB they will help you out if you need it. HAPPY TRAVELING!


I have yet to make a reservation with BG where and when I want to go. "No availability" is the most common word when trying to make a reservation. I do believe they control where and when you can vacation.


"All" of the comments would have been great to read and educate myself about timeshares and Bluegreen if I had been given the chance...Was told NOW or tomorrow the price goes much higher and none of the perks...Fool - yep, *** - yep, VERY regretful - YEP!!! Embarrased - oh heck yes.

I need and want out of this - we were lied to going on 2 1/2 years and not able to cash any of our points in when we want/or can go. THEIR TIME on our Dime!!!


This is for the the first commenter. U are an ***, as a former salesperson (never sold timeshare) I can tell you, I can say whatever I want as long as the CONTRACT states the facts of what you are buying.

Class action, you are the reason our great country is in the trouble it's in. Can you read? You ***. Learn the law before you speak, because now I KNOW WHERE YOUR COMING FROM.

I'll bet you support OBAMACARE.

Cash in your points and move NORTH, otherwise, patriotic AMERICANS like myself might revoke your American RIGHTS. Let's hope we never meet YOU COMMI.


Sorry darling but there are many many happy Bluegreen owners and very happy owners at that who can and do know *** the product they bought works and have saved many thousand of $$$ over the yrs


By the way BG does have the right of first refusal so if the want to excerise their right you may never be able to sell or even give away your timshare if they say you can not so sit down and think about that lol

if you sell something to someone and they use it but then get bored because they cant use it would you buy it back from them ..... I DON,T THINK SO DO YOU


I think the replies singing praises of Bluegreen are from sales people employed by Bluegreen. If you are a Bluegreen owner you know they lie to you and bait you into buying without giving you the whole facts.

I would love to sell my Bluegreen Timeshare back to Bluegreen if it is such a great thing they should buy it back.

What makes me smile is that you have gone to all this trouble to convince yourself that you have been add when infact you have no idea how to use the product that you bought.
You must have spent hours finding out all the above information.

DO YOU NOT FIND IT STRANGE that you did not do your homewaork before you signed the contract if you had you would have known how timeshares work.

Please do not knock the product with all you well researched "what they should or should not have done" when you went in to it blind.

Work out how to use it almost 200,000 owners can use it and use it well.

You are to quick to jump in for class action when you did not do your homework

all I can give you is a Z- and thats for your name

You must do better lol :grin

I for one knew exactly what I was getting I was fully aware of the fees fully aware that it is not an investment to make $$ and that (like a car) drops to hardly anything but it is a long term venture in vacation time.

Anyone who does not know this and then gos and signs the contract is nothing but a fool.

dont blame the seller for making you sign on the dotted line you have legs (sorry for those in a wheelchair not ment to be offensive) just walk away if you cant then you are just weak minded

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