Louisville, Kentucky
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I've never used this, which I had since 2005 and still paying on this was told to let it go into foreclosure and be done with it, customer service will not responded to anything, for 2 years they sent ed me a bill for maintenance fee $2500.00, which did not pay any maintenance fee, and going to stop paying $103.00 monthly. I'v e paid $7451.00 in 6 years, which was a lost to me at 15%, because no one would touch this to refinance, which they knew, this would happen. How do they get away with this?

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darling you signed a contract, and in any case you could not sell or give it away if you still owe money on it or you have not paid you mf


People keep falling for the high-pressure sales talks and thus they keep going (barely). If you do quit paying, there will be various unpleasant happenings, so be prepared and forewarned.

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