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In November of last year, the sales representatives and management team of Blue Green resorts in Myrtle Beach convinced us to upgrade out status to "Silver". It was more points than we needed, but they said we could use the 6,000 extra points to "pay for our annual maintenance". When we asked how we physically do this, they advised that we call in April to learn the details when the annual bills were sent. BIG MISTAKE!! You cannot do this. I am scheduled to meet with an attorney to bring charges against the representatives and Blue Green Corporation for deceptive sales tactics; they literally lied to us.

Based on the number of other responses I see, it appears that several other people were lied to as well. Please contact me about pursuing a class action suit against Blue Green. My contact information is:

Tom Byrnes tbyrnes1@nc.rr.com (919-696-1422)

Together we can make a difference!

Monetary Loss: $12.

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HC how can you call me such things I AM A HAPPY OWNER

I do know what I am talking about which is more than can be said about you

Be real and just admit you know nothing about BG


Pay no attention to UK.....he is not simply a "happy" owner....he is a site troller paid to deter victims from taking legal action. You will find his posts across sites where people post complaints against BG.

He is usually very insulting to the victims.

I applaud you for taking action. Just a matter of time for the BG/Bass Pro scam.


UK owner - I will not stop and I believe I will get satisfaction. Stay tuned buddy, but if you prefer to sit back and let someone take advantage of you, be my guest!


when you are silver you can use your points to help with the mf, this use to be an ok deal never brilliant but after the US Bankers got the world into such a mess then far to many owners wanted to use this method which would have resulted in les mf coming in and ending up with mf going up a lot more to cover the cost of running the resorts. So Bg just made it not worth while.

Please save your money you do not have a cat in hells chance of winning since the rules do allow you to do this

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