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bluegreen stand for complaint. lanzacna i am behinde you 100% bluegreen resorts put my family on 4 july in a dump.

i forgot the name of place. but will get that information the room smell. dirty bathroom. i couldn't stay i left.

the next day i call reps. they try to give another room next door. i

didn't like the place at all. she booked me somewhere else.

i don't blame the hotel i stay in i blame bluegreen. they should known what condition the hotel in.

the next place wasn't great i paid 185.00 the first night for a room they should have give me my money back. they only give me 25.00 back also i had to buy clean product to clean the last room they booked.from virginia

Monetary Loss: $185.

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i say you f##king ***. i say i think i say i ......duh.....i say i stay blugreen....i say you *** again.

Learn english ***!
Have a great day! :cry
China Spring, Texas, United States #21508

I am from the inside of Shanandoah Crossisngs, a wife of a worker there! I am so sorry that you are one of the comsumers that get knocked off!

my parents found out everything about there and they are selling their timeshare! Honestly you did not have the worst of the problems, that storm that happened 17 cabins leaked and 7 shalet leaked as well!

if you would like some durty info I am the gal to talk to! He makes a whole $8.58 an hour and has been there almost 2 years, 8 cence then what he started off at!

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