My wife and I went to a Bluegreen presentation over the weekend and it was aweful. We were told that the was no obligations to buy but had to sit there for 5 hours while they tried to scam us into everyu package known to man.

It finally came down to me getting pissed off and telling them that we werent buying that the price they were asking just wasnt in our budget. It left a bad taste in my mouth about time shares.

I know not all places are like them but after reading alot of the complaints about them I am so glad I walked away. My advice to anyone is to stay away.

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I have never sat through a presentation anywhere and stayed longer than the time specified unless I chose to.

I love my Bluegreen, and so do my kids and grandkids !


The next time that I go to a "presentation" such as this, I will not be taking my wife along, or I will be controlling all facets of the conversation instead of being polite. They manipulated my wife like I have never seen done, and as a caring husband, you come along for the ride because they led us to believe that you have 72 hours because some bogus buyers remorse law to get out of the contract if you see fit.

Now, I find out you can't call, can't e-mail, and you have five working days to get the paperwork in writing to their corporate offices in Florida to cancel the contract. If you want to take advantage of a free trip, pull up all the testimonials on bluegreen BEFORE you go, and then gameplan with your spouse appropriately to best deal with the presentation.

I will be letting Bass Pro Shops General Manager know what a completely unethical company they have aligned themselves with the next time I am in San Antonio. Word of mouth is costing them my business, and anyone else that I tell my story to.

Jet, Oklahoma, United States #179935

I went to a presentation about 4 months ago and I didnt feel this way at all. I mean you have to sit down and watch, but that is what you are goign for in the first place dont you think??

I was interested in one of their poitn packagaes and the rep.

that took care of em was wonderful and their self financing ahs worked out for me.... you cant go in with a bad attitude if not you wont get anything out of it.

to debby #838146

I totally agree, Debby.

How does someone blame Bluegreen for their wife's actions.



I know my husband and I went through this about 3 weeks ago. We told them we couldn't afford it and had other expenses and they would not listen.

I realized they don't care if you can't afford it because it is not like they have to repossess anything if you go into default. You get sucked into buy into this lifelong contract and if you miss payments your credit suffers, but they are out nothing! I thought their interest rate was very high, and told them so and they said they self finance. Of Course they self finance because there is not collateral for a real bank to finance what good are useless points?

I told them that Daycare (3 Kids ) was very expensive and we could not afford it at this time.

The head manager told me that in the old days people would just chain their kids to furniture so they could go to work!!!!

I was so mad at that point I just had to say WOW or I might start cursing. So glad we left!!!!!!!!

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