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Bluegreen is a rip off. They say you can travel anytime and they are wrong.

They charge an arm and leg for these time shares and not to leave out their maintance fees are horrible. If you don't pay them in a lump sum, then you get slapped with late fees of $25.00 and 1.5% finance fee MONTHLY AND THEY TELL YOU I'M SORRY BUT WE ARE JUST TRYING TO HELP (WHO ARE THEY KIDDING, THEY THINK PEOPLE ARE ***). They are making out like bandits while they screw people over. I am waiting for the right time to sell.

I might lose some but staying with them I will lose more. Oh, I did want to mention that when you call to reserve the Christmas Mountain in Wisc. they never and I mean never have room. If they do it's because people supposedly cancel.

Thats all a lie. When you call to rent from them then they find space. Isn't that too funny.

No that's what you call a bunch of liers. DON'T BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE YOU WILL REGRET IT.

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I got the pitch at Bass Pro-it was misleading to say the least. I am glad I cancelled our "vvacation".

Piggy, darling, sweetie pie, how, unless you worked for Bluegreen, would you happen to know the exact amount of openings they have at particular resorts? Sounds like more deception.


Darlings there are at least 6 reservations available at Christmas Mountain right now right upto and inclueding Christmass day.

You can set up a payment plan for $25 (you cant expect the rest of us to pay for your admin can you ) and pay your MF over 3 months


Yes, and I'm sorry to say that there will never be a good time to sell. In fact, I doubt you can GIVE AWAY your timeshare. Look up TUG.


I agree we had it a few years ago and tried to go to Christmas moutain they was full and we was going in the summer!!!!! Its a fraud

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